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    Music, Sports (Tennis and Football), Baking (as you can see from my picture profile) and above all my beautiful son!
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    Buenos Aires, Argentina PopMart Tour 06/02/98
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  1. This will be really fantastic! Many bands have done it including Metallica at the O2!
  2. Oh great, many thanks for the reply! i would love to go GA but impossible with my 11 yr old. I am constantly looking for tickets but it will be quite difficult. Thanks again!
  3. Hi again, sorry I am trying to get tickets for Dublin #4 (and #3 if possible) and was having a look at the seating map in ticketmaster's page. Is the e stage in the middle now? is the long screen smaller than usual? and which seats would you recommend as very good ones? Cheers
  4. Hi there, just a quick question: is there/was there any kids t-shirts in the merchandise stalls? I didn't have enough time during the London shows to have a quick look. I would love to get one for my son if they have them. thank you in advance!
  5. Hi, I went with my 11 year old last Wednesday in London and yes the intro images could be a bit too much for a kid but he was totally fine with them and having learnt the subject at school he immediately started commenting on every pictures "this must be from WW2, etc etc". He did say they were sad but in no way he asked me to leave. On the contrary he was up on his feet dancing and singing and have asked me to go to another concert this tour. He also know how Bono and the Band like to make an impact with their messages. He was well aware of what to expect. I am sorry your son could not enjoy it.
  6. Does anyone know how many numbers have been given already? i went there this am on my way to work, found no-one and left just after 8, i didn't know the time was amended till 9! i will try to go this evening, it would be great if they could be there earlier today though.
  7. Hi all, I have just checked my account and membership is valid till Feb 16 2018. There are no red flags requesting renewal or reconfirmation so I assume I am ok for Thursday's presale. Can any of the mods confirm please? I see there are chunks of space for additional shows, I wish they would add them right away so we could decide best date. Thank you in advance.
  8. Hi all, I have not written in a while but I was at the show last night and although it was truly brilliant (mainly because I refrained from following the streams as I wanted the surprise factor!) there were a few things I wasn't completely sure but nothing to criticize tbh. 1. Not sure if Bad being played so early is really good... 2.The new song being played nearly at the end..for the casual fan it may not work, they are already tired and may not pay attention to it at all 3.Ending with an Oasis song didn't do it for me...If another song would have followed it I'd have been a lot happier...when it finished they just said Thank You and left with Noel! 4.Absolutely love love love Exit... 5.Visuals/screens/pictures are out of this world but I wasn't expecting anything different from them Managed to get an amazing spot nearly in the front between Bono and Adam I just wished I had another concert to go to...I am having serious withdrawals already... Cheers!
  9. Going to Twickenham too!!! I can hardly wait. It was the easiest ticket purchase I have ever made. I am sorry the RZ was a mess. I wasn't going for RZ anyhow as it was too expensive for the friend coming with me. So GA it is!
  10. It was the same with me, it didn't give me the option to choose delivery...I saw "mail" and just click "buy tickets". I didn't want to waste time and connection, was at train station on my way to work. Quickest/stress free ticket purchase ever!
  11. Got my Twicks GA tickets! Me and my usual U2 buddy friend, we have been to every tour together since I moved to London in 1999. Saddened I won't be able to take my son to GA to see his first U2 gig but I still have two tickets allowance so maybe I will check on some seats for another date/venue. Congrats to all who got tickets!!!
  12. I got my GA for Twickenham in less than 30 seconds at 9 sharp. I had no option for RZ then. I am sorry for all of those who experienced problems.
  13. So the Gold/Silver Ticket Packages refer to Seated tickets right? Thanks
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