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  1. Does anyone know when U2 will be heading down under ? There is something about Bono's voice that just melts me ... I need to see them live ... NOW !!!! How much longer do I have to wait ?
  2. Hi everyone... I am looking for a Bono bag...so he can accompany me on places I go. Can anyone help me out? Many thanks.
  3. hey girlwhere have you been? Excited about the shows?? Will you be going to them all? I really want to go to Perth. A mate of mine lives in Perth and we hung out in Sydney GA line up...this time it'd be cool to do the same in Perth!! Umbrellas and evrything!!! I'm not sure which ones I will be attending - all up in the air with my shift work...and impossible to take time off work because I am going to Ireland in late DEc!!!! SOOOOOOO Going to see U2 in my homeland...then going to their homeland - I am mighty excited!!!!! Ohhhh and I just realised...if they are touring now - it means that they will be home when I am there - I am coming to visit Bono!!!!! :-))
  4. Can someone please answer this question that is burning in my mind. When you say presale for members...do you mean u2.com members...or ticketek members?? Ticketek usually has presales for their shows for ticketek members! SO will there be two presales...one say 6 days in advance for u2.com members... then the usual 3 days in advance for ticketek members.
  5. hey Zhivvy I need to leave now too. Finally pick my sister up..and then SLEEP. And tomorrow my frined wants to go hiking..but right now, I don't want to do anything but sleep all day. See you soon. Have a good run - wish I could join you. xo
  6. Hi there Zhivvy I am waiting to pick my sister up from a night out in the town. I should be asleep already but I owe her one.
  7. Sugrae and Terri it has been really FUN. Take care xoxo
  8. I really hope you guys know what I mean... this sounds like the most DUMB thing to say... no smart arse comments
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