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    Photography, listening to music, traveling.
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    Achtung Baby & All That You Can't Leave Behind
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    New Year's Day (It was my first.)
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    March 28th 1985. Toronto, Canada, Maple Leaf Gardens (The Unforgettable Fire)
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    November 10th 2018 Dublin Ireland 3Arena (Experience + Innocence Tour 2018)
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    September 17th, 2009. Toronto, Canada, Rogers Centre (U2360 Tour)
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    All of them!
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  1. All renewed. Can't wait for the limited-edition double CD!
  2. Hello everyone! Question; if another U2.com subscriber gifts you their code and you have already used your code, would there be an issue using it? Would you get all your tickets revoked and your U2.com subscription taken away?
  3. Hello everyone, is it confirm for a 9am start time for tomorrow for the experience group or is it 10am as per the Ticketmaster site?
  4. OK.... I am soooooooooooo shocked but extremely HAPPY! Ticket Master just called me and asked me if I want my ticket back that they cancelled!!!!! Bigwave, not sure if you had anything to do with this????
  5. Again I ask, who is making the rules for the presale??? U2.COM? Then why can't someone in charge tell TM to stop cancelling tickets if they were bought with separate codes??? Especially if they were EXperience codes, signifying longtime members.... This was a FAN CLUB presale. TM should follow FAN CLUB guidelines!! well said...totally agree!!!
  6. well, in my case after my wife and i bought 4 tickets with two pre-sale codes for the two Toronto shows (3 tkts for one show and 1 tkt for the other show), both my pre-sale codes were dead. even though i only received 3 tickets (2 for the first show and 1 for the second) because 1 was cancelled by Ticket Master. So it looks like once used to purchase 2 tickets, your pre-sale code is dead regardless if Ticket Master cancels one.
  7. Bloody hell that's awful. What short sighted narrow minded process there appears in place. Hang in there. You have your membership numbers, subscription proof. No written 'law' stating how many tickets per household. None that I've seen. What if a household of 10 x students all subscribed to U2.com. All 10 x received pre-sales codes. You telling me only 2 x tickets would be allowed to the home address? Might as well have 1 x subscription per household. This is seriously flawed. thanks paul!!! good point about the students in the house!
  8. maybe bigwave can confirm this, but ticket master told me that my pre-sale tickets count towards the gerneral public sale for the same show that you are buying for. for example, if you bought 2 ticekts for a show and then took part in the gerneral sale, you could only buy 2 more, not 4.
  9. hi Anthony - have added you to list for LN, if you can PM (personal message) me the transaction numbers cheers hey anthony, i'm so sorry this happen to you also. this is truly crazy! A ticket master courtesy call would have avoided all this mess. by the way, ticketmaster promised me a call back but i never even got one. i called them back and they would not help at all!!!
  10. thanks russ have grabbed info, but edited out of your post - keep us updated next few days, ta ...and thank you again bigwave. i really appareciate this. i'll keep my fingers crossed but whatever happens..... thanks for trying!!!
  11. thanks bigwave! my ticket master order number was (removed). it will show up under my given names (removed) which is on my credit card. Cheers! mod edit - personal details edited
  12. Here's my letter to U2.com: Dear U2.com, I feel compelled to write to you to let know of my situation concerning the pre-sales ticket sales. Both my wife and I have been U2.com members, I can’t remember for how long! We’ve enjoyed pre-sales in the past and thank you very much for that! However, what has happened now has really gotten me upset!!! My wife and I decided to hit the Toronto July 6th show with our daughter (our newest U2 fan). We took part in the pre-sales and purchased 3 tickets (1 ticket with my pre-sales code and 2 tickets with my wife’s pre-sales code). What happened a few days later shocked me completely. We received an email from the ticketing company (Ticket Master) stating that we exceeded our limit and that our order, either in part or full would be cancelled. I immediately called up Ticket Master to find out what was going on. They informed me that because we both live at the same address (our billing address for both of our credit cards and because we’re married) that 1 of the tickets for the July 6th show was revoked! I couldn’t believe this. How could they? I clearly only purchased 3 tickets not 5; which would have exceeded our limit of 4 because of our 2 pre-sales codes. I pleaded with them and even asked to speak to a Manager, but they stood firm and would not give me my GA ticket back. I have to say that I think this process is flawed. I can understand what it is trying to achieve with some people getting their hands on many tickets and reselling them for ridiculous amount of money to fans, but this process is clearly flawed and we are proof of that. Now we are 1 ticket short going as a family because we were “painted” with the same brush as a scalper! I can’t believe it. Some 32 years being a U2 fan and something like this happens to me! This is not right and I thought you should know. Thanks for reading! Russ
  13. …When I met Bono Being a massively huge U2 fan, I am the type of guy that would travel hundreds of miles to see my favourite band and have close to 30 ticket stubs to prove it. Anyway, U2 had performed back to back shows recently (September 12th and 13th) at Soldier Field in Chicago and sure enough, I had planned to attend (when tickets had gone on sale earlier in the year) with my 10 year old son Lukas. We managed to get within yards of the stage for the first show, and I have the Blackberry photos to prove it. Being from London, Canada (about two hours outside of Toronto); we stayed the night in Chicago for the second show. We got up the next day to do some sightseeing around downtown Chicago and found ourselves up on Michigan and Chicago avenues and low and behold, ran into U2 in around the hotel they were staying at. Autographs were given by The Edge and Adam Clayton on little Lukas' U2 T-shirt. Unfortunately, we didn’t get Bono’s autograph and Larry wasn’t present. Well, this chance encounter left Lukas extremely optimistic and downright convinced that he would get both of their autographs at the Toronto shows a few days down the road. Last week, I went back to work telling my colleagues about our Chicago story and how great both shows were and about running into both The Edge and Adam Clayton. I’m also telling everyone how Lukas wants to go to Toronto early, expecting to get Bono and Larry's autograph. Perhaps, hoping to catch them at their hotel or arriving at the Rogers Centre for a sound check. Of course, I know that the chances of this happening are slim to none and quickly realize my conundrum of not wanting to disappoint my son yet obviously realizing Lukas’ potential let-down of not getting those autographs looms statistically large. Everyone wished me good luck and Lukas and I departed for the Toronto U2 shows Wednesday morning (September 16th) for the next three days. Needless to say we didn’t see Bono or the band at the Toronto hotel or at the Rogers Centre for their sound check. By this time I believe Lukas was beginning to realise just how lucky we really were in Chicago and that the chances of “running” into U2 again just wasn’t going to happen. Now, having been already to three U2 shows in the past week (two in Chicago and the first Toronto show) Lukas and I decided to watch this show from The Edge’s side of the stage. Just for a different perspective. Well, this was the best decision we ever made. It was during The Unforgettable Fire that Bono made his way over to where we were standing watching the show. It was towards the end of this song that Bono crossed over one of the bridges connecting the main stage to the circular outer stage; right above us. I already had Lukas on my shoulder to get a better view of what was happening when Bono and I made eye contact. He then gestured to me to rise Lukas up and that was exactly what I did. Bono took Lukas’ hand and pulled him up onto the bridge. Bono gave him a high five, asked him how he was doing and what his name was. They then walked onto the outer stage and the band began to play City of Blinding Lights. Lukas spent the next several minutes running around the outer stage with Bono as the band played. Bono sang to him and the audience of 60,000 plus cheered them on. Bono even let little Lukas try on his sunglasses! We thought Chicago was the pinnacle U2 moment and then this happens. Truly an incredible experience!!! Lukas still doesn’t have Larry’s autograph however
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