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  1. how was the floor line ups ?

    I have tickets for the forum opening night & wanted to know if anyone has info.



  2. I’m with you as well . I never miss a u2 show but I guess I am this tour and to be completely honest I’m sick of these high priced tickets and all the people who know how to work this system to benefit them self’s . A true fan stands for hours on hours and to be honest it’s not worth it anymore. I’m 51 years old and the people in charge of the line ups are fans and go to both nights of the show and us normal people have to wait around waiting for guidance while they seen the same show over and over . Pasdenda line ups were the worst I have seen ever. The best was the forum it was done by th
  3. I have 1 Ga ticket for sale for tomorrow face value Pasadena Rose Bowl
  4. It's for Sunday 5-21 in Pasadena and I'm waiting for instructions as to when we can get our numbered wrist band
  5. This is what I got from the web site . line up only at Gate E we will be getting a email on Friday the 19th with specific details. parking lot open At 2:30
  6. i have floor seats for sun in pasadena does anyone have any info on when to line up ?
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