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  1. I'm looking for 1 GA ticket to the first Boston show. If anybidy has an extra can you drop me PM or email me? -Kev whalers14@hotmail.com
  2. Why can't U2 do their fan club tix like Pearl Jam? Pearl Jam announces all the dates, and then it's a lottery system. You put in for the shows you want in priority order, there's about a week for the request period and then you know prior to the public on sale if you got the show(s). Day of the show you have to pick up the tix at the will call. The location is determined on seniority in theor fan club. You can still sell them if need be or trade them. Also, all their tix are always about $80. U2 should be ashamed of themselves for the price of these lower bowl tix. How much money is eno
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