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  1. Hello, Presale, is just insane John!!!! What can we do?? No GA´s anywhere, NY, NJ, Vegas, San José, Los Ángeles, :( this is real???

    1. jamiectone


      It sounds like GA tickets were not available for the presale.  I looked at STL, Chicago, and Nashville and nothing.  I ended up paying more than I wanted for tickets in STL.  

  2. We at the campament at La Plata
  3. I don't know if Jane gives you this Colombian Flag... but this was my message for u guys!!!
  4. Hi Guys I'm Marcela González,I'm U2 Colombian Project president, we are your official fan club, and we really love you guys, your the best!!!
  5. please i´m ready for U i really want to see you here in my country, in my land how long? how long i must wait? please make me feel alive once more... for first time U2 in Colombia leave us fly with you performance
  6. Please Adam, Larry, Dave and Paul read our petition and do this dream true we really want an U2 concert in COLOMBIA please!!! we need You a lot we have been dream about that since a long time please!!! this is a great chance we want to have you here we want U2360º love U
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