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  1. I loved this ladies page the time I spent on this site. Be nice to her. Take care kindred spirit stranger.. Devine blessings to you and yours
  2. Post Malone... Circles Hello beautiful Lady! Winter Ode to the river Mapocho.. By Pablo Neruda 1965 Oh, yes, oh indefinable snow, yes, oh trembling in full flower of the snow, boreal eyelid, tiny ray of frozen light, who, who called you to the valley of ashes, who. who dragged you from the eagle's beak down to where your pure waters touch the terrible rags of my country? River, why do you bring down the freezing, secret water, water which the hard dawn of the stones kept in its inaccessible cathedral, down to the wounded feet of my people? Go back, go back, oh bitt
  3. So Excited for YOU!

    1. LauraMarie87


      Thankyou so much im excited just wish this covid would do one because im high risk and cant go out 😪

  4. I am not new to this site but I have been invisible for quite sometime,and choose to remain ghost like. Is that alright?
  5. I recently blew my Facebook account out of the water. I quit that game. The spelling of my first name changed today. Rebekah. I haven’t been coming here very much. I’m back!

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    2. bragi


      I got over it in the long run. Now I hav a mans name from the Norse magic book I got names from in the first place. Amen. 

    3. bragi


      I was a white niger back in the. Day. 

    4. bragi


      We were poor too. But not in faith. 

  6. What’s your name sir?

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    2. bragi


      Oklahoma Inhaler.   That’s a new song by Bono’s son. I’m coming in to you from a state in America named that same name. Very interesting yet again. 

    3. bragi


      I can’t wait to hear their new recorded album/CD. Whatever you people call it these days

    4. bragi


      From an old Wisconsin platform. Are they all connected on this site?

  7. I won’t rest until( I’m) found too. I wonder who the man in this video in the window is suppose to be?
  8. Always. I haven’t heard this song in a long while either... The wind is howling in my area of the world right now..
  9. Thanks for selecting this song. I don’t remember ever hearing it before... I love it... I need to go listen to it closer by myself...
  10. I once heard the band say ( it’s a musical journey)... I guess I started walking mine too...
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