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  1. I won’t rest until( I’m) found too. I wonder who the man in this video in the window is suppose to be?
  2. Where the streets have no name
  3. Always. I haven’t heard this song in a long while either... The wind is howling in my area of the world right now..
  4. Thanks for selecting this song. I don’t remember ever hearing it before... I love it... I need to go listen to it closer by myself...
  5. I once heard the band say ( it’s a musical journey)... I guess I started walking mine too...
  6. Always & Lemon. I found the lyrics in the bag.
  7. Baby face... I just found my Gypsy bag of U2 music while cleaning my room. This Cd came out first. Only 11 are empty. I still have 11 DVD’s and one VHS.And a Rolling Stones bag with a picture of Bono as the Fly.. I switched my U2 things to that bag.
  8. Exit (live 4K, HQ Audio) / Soldier Field, Chicago / June 3rd, 2017. ( no one confirmed what Bono says at the end of this video?? Very busy day today... for me anyway. ??!!
  9. Silver & Gold. One tree hill
  10. North and South of the river...
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