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  1. Last two this evening I promise... lol. Fleet wood Mac Rhiannon. sonseed Jesus is a friend of mine.. it’s catchy and slightly funny... bye
  2. And just an FYI I don’t know anyone on this website.. I walk alone.. good evening humans
  3. When I type it’s like speaking to me not writing an essay so I rarely use punctuation. What’s interesting as of late I didn’t have the cash to renew so the woman I spoke with told me I would be but in the free section... but I still see paid subscribers files? I’m afraid to post up there it would be stealing in my mind... ???? Thinking out loud
  4. Inhaler.. who’s your money on... interesting title love the new song
  5. Perhaps we should open a what are you listening to in the free section and converse? And get off this lady she seem to be getting squished... sorry ma’am.. hey joe, I’m not mad at you from so long ago..
  6. Prince Let’s go crazy lol. Zoo people in America. Black Lives Matter is the movement right now isn’t it? Look up and say a prayer at least is all we ask.. I’ll say a little prayer for you two
  7. Van Morrison where have all the rebels gone... new music from father Van... l
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