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    1992 Zoo TV - First Leg
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  1. enrperez

    U2 Palm Springs Film Fest

    I met Bono and the Edge this year! 2014 in Palm Springs, ca. I asked: "Is it easier to write songs based on people you know? or is it harder?" Bono was funny. The Edge thought it was a very interesting question. At the end, Bono and the Edge autographed my Joshua Tree LP!!!!
  2. CONgrats Lee, but BONO youre not. fail. ha ! Congrats again....
  3. Hi, I designed this "Claw" shirt because i got excited about the mechanical features of the new stage. You can follow my progress and creativity here: http://www.zazzle.com/u2diehard thanks for looking and look forward to any comments or suggestions! Art is love!
  4. I saw the 'claw' inside the film 'number 9'. Pretty scary film.
  5. That's me on the left with my old old pop mexico t-shirt (Yes, with a small-tiny hole on the upper back ha!) and my son Joel. We had fun! GA is always fun !!!!
  6. This was my sons Joel's 2nd U2 concert (First was Vertigo opener in San Diego Sports Arena) We enjoyed the time alongside his uncle John. It was John's first U2 gig and we made the best of it! GA's !!! The Claw is AMAZING in person.
  7. what's the point of having a career? Making money of course. These guys did it, so let them place it wherever they want. Going to church with politiciansis nothing new. You go to worship God not the press or your friends. As far as the new single not selling? well, goes to tell you there are still people in theworld who DO NOT appreciate great songwriting, excellent musical notes or perhaps, theyre happy and content to just "Download" the music instead ofpaying for it. It's a brave new world and U2 is still in the forefront, unlike this journalistic piece of crap I just read from this post. Pe
  8. So, bear with me. I went to the APPLE trailers site, and saw the trailer for the upcoming movie "9" featuring Elijah Wood. Anyway, play the trailerand then, look for the 360 Tour Claw at around 23 or 24 seconds into the trailer and there it is ! The CLAW OF SOUND !!!!!! yeah !!!! thanks !
  9. Magnificent' is the best song in the album (To Dance - Move to) Unknown caller' is the best song in the album (To listen - reflect in your life) Caller' is not a good single to say "Here kids, Buy this CD now !" It's too mature for the new audience Boots' mighta but I really dislike Boots. I just like the bridge on it "You dont know, you dont care do you?" BREATHE' KICKS ASS !!!!!
  10. ok, how did we go from: "Birdland on fifty-three" to "Yahweh" ?
  11. I think it'll be No Line. (Something about the way it builds up!)
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