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  1. Had the same problem as above poster. Had several pairs of tickets on hold (even a pair of GA ;0( ) only to not be able to complete my order with TM. MSG night 2 & 3 Thanks
  2. I couldn't get anything. I got through several times. Even pulled up a pair of GA! But every time I tried to purchase tickets an Error Occurred or the site Couldn't Process My Order. Bummed doesn't even begin to describe. I was a Propaganda member too and also let my membership lapse. Feeling the burn!
  3. I know this will be a tough buy, but I'd figure I'd put it out there. Looking for 1 GA ticket for Thurs., Sept. 24th at Giants Stadium. Please PM me. Thanks
  4. I'll take a tour in any venue.....after February. This way I won't be pregnant anymore )
  5. U2's marketing people are absolute genius. Just when I thought I couldn't get more excited for the tour to start, they pull that Ace out of theirsleeve. September can't come soon enough........
  6. Don't get me wrong. I would LOVE to hear Three Sunrises. It's definitely one of my favs. But at the end of the day this is a business and when you havepeople pay $150+ a ticket, you can afford the luxury of putting songs like that into the main setlist. It would be a random replacement song at best. Isometimes wish U2 would leave the fancy stage and lighting effects out of it and just play music. This way they can lower ticket prices and play whatever theywant at any given time. Change it up every night. But that would be an entirely different concert experience and not the U2 shows we've all
  7. I'll put a ballot in for Acrobat too and I think someone mentioned Three Sunrises, although maybe a little too slow and obscure for mainstream audiences.Probably would end up a beer run song for 2/3 of the crowd.
  8. It would be a shame to not play Streets. IMHO it's one of the bet live songs I've ever heard and is the rock in my argument of U2 vs any other bandlive. Wouldn't mind hearing Bad again and definitely some of the older rarities previously mentioned......Like A Song anyone???? But I have to throw my hatinto the ring for opening song. Magnificent. From the moment I heard it I tought it would be a great show opener. Other then that I can only think of about 3,maybe 4 other songs from No Line that I would like to hear. But also, I have to remember that there have been a lot of songs that just didn'
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