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  1. We were having the same issue for the Toronto show but after about 2.5 hours, GA tickets magically appeared. I'm assuming the pre-sale started at 9am local time for you guys so you might need to give it some time.
  2. Wahoo!!! Just got 2 GAs!! Thanks guys and sorry for stressing out earlier and ranting a bit. I'm so happy right now.
  3. Thank you! Hope to hear something as I just checked and absolutely nothing is coming up as available. I wonder, how many of the roughly 50,000 tickets that are going to be sold for this show were made available for the pre-sale?
  4. I just checked StubHub (which is owned by eBay) and there's already about 400 tickets already available! WTF!! The cheapest GA's are $290USD each. What a sham! It's my own fault maybe for letting my fan club membership lapse and I got stuck in the second wave. I wonder if I can get my membership that I just renewed refunded if I can't get tickets through the presale.
  5. I'm giving up. I tried to do this from work but I can't spend all morning trying to get tickets that are non-existent. Why was getting tickets for the shows at the ACC easier? Makes no sense. I'll try a little later and see what happens. If I can't get anything through the pre-sale I guess I'm then going to have to try my luck during the public on sale.
  6. Nothing is working. All I want is a pair of GA's. I'm always on the floor and especially in a stadium I don't want to be in the seats. I did level 100 for 360 and it was horrible. I can't even get level 500s to come up anymore after I had them suggested a couple of times. Is this a presale issue or a Ticketma$ter issue?
  7. I'm not getting anything to come up on desktop (multiple browsers / clearing cache) as well as the TM app. F*CK!!!
  8. I threw in the towel as well for getting floors for the Monday show. Ended up getting a ticket in 113 which is probably worth the extra $30 to sit there as opposed to up in the corner.
  9. All that seems to be coming up now is section 324. Not a fan of sitting up there seeing as the past 4 shows I've seen them have all been on the floor. I'm going to keep trying and if need be I'll grab a seat up top.
  10. OK...I was able to grab a GA ticket for Tuesday. I'm now trying to grab one for Monday but it's showing there is zero tickets available period.
  11. This is bogus. Logged in right at 12, it showed GA tickets available. When I went to start the checkout process, I got an error message saying no more tickets were left. All that seems to be left for both shows is lower bowl and some upper bowl in the corners. I am not paying $260 per ticket. I did that for one show on the 360 Tour at Rogers Centre and never again. I'll keep trying and then give the general on sale on Monday a shot if I am not successful. I get the feeling I won't be seeing them on the next tour.
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