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  1. Sorry if this info is posted somewhere else. What time do doors open at Bridgestone? There's no opening band, right? So what time should we expect U2 to actually take the stage? Thank you! Was bummed about the seats I ended up with, but now that it's show week I can't wait to see U2 again!
  2. I got the email a couple weeks ago and did the request for a physical copy. Does this mean my physical copy should arrive in the mail tomorrow?
  3. Yeah ticketmaster was terrible this morning. Got 2 $106 seats in section 322, which seems both to the back and high. Has anyone sat around there before?
  4. Have they posted ticket prices by seating section somewhere? Been trying to figure that out. Thanks!
  5. Just to clarify, the Experience presale will be on Tuesday, 11/14, and Innocence will be Wednesday, 11/15, correct?
  6. Didn't understand that when I ordered my Philly tickets and am on hold with Ticketmaster now trying to see if I can change to paper tickets. We'll see! Either way, I'm stoked!!!
  7. Price Range: US $35.00 - US $280.00 more detailed info to come... stay tuned... From the news page article: Tickets for U2: The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 are on sale Monday, January 16th in Ireland, the UK and Europe and on Tuesday, January 17th in the US and Canada. Ticket prices start at €35.00 / £35.00 / $35.00 with general admission floor tickets at €70.00 / £70.00 / $70.00. Thank you!!
  8. Price Range: US $35.00 - US $280.00 more detailed info to come... stay tuned... Thanks! That's quite a range!
  9. So excited!! Been a subscriber off and on for years. Just renewed my paid subscription and my presale code put me in the Wires group, which has presale on Thursday. Any idea what pricing will be for GA in the US?
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