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  1. Thanks! I’m going to head to the stadium to grab merch at 1pm and scope out the venue. Then head back to our home base and return for the evening. Very excited!
  2. Flew into Tokyo last night from Canada. Got tickets at the 7 Eleven at Haneda. Anyone have tips on the GA line / entry?? I’m confused between the Red Zone checkin at 8am. Is there a similar checkin for GA front? Can’t wait for the concert tonight!! Pics look awesome from Wed!! Merch line looked a bit intimidating to be honest.... Anyone going tonight send me a msg
  3. Hi guys! Driving up from Ottawa for Tuesday’s show and was wondering if anyone had any tips for the GA line. Hopefully it is on the same side as the I+E tour ? Any tips on parking as well would also be great! Trying to get front rail Edge side like last time (x2)! Cheers, Mike
  4. Hi guys, Just wanted to put this onto the site if anyone is interested. Bono will be in Montreal for the Global Fund 5th Replenishment Conference to end AIDS/Malaria/TB on September 16-17. This is an important time for our generation as we can end these diseases as epidemics by 2030. Info on the conference: http://international.gc.ca/world-monde/campaign-campagne/gfatm-fmstp/replenishment-conference-reconstitution.aspx?lang=eng There will be a free ticketed Global Citizen Concert on Saturday, September 17th in MTL with Usher, Metric, the Roots, etc... Info on the Global Citizen Concert and how to get tickets: https://www.globalcitizen.org/en/live/showup-montreal/ Anyhow - rock on!
  5. Thank you for this info! Can anyone that attended shows #1 and #2 in MTL corroborate the procedure? Very excited!!
  6. Anyone have tips for the GA in MTL? Heading down from Ottawa for the show's on Tuesday and Wednesday! Life has been really busy so I feel as if I am not as prepared as I have been in the past!
  7. I thought RedZone would be an auction like last tour.... Boy was I wrong. Now I am shutout altogether for Toronto....
  8. Meh, I'm just happy that I can add another unique U2 Vinyl to my collection. This will go nicely with my Discotheques vinyl set that I picked up at a dj shop many years ago! Would have been nice to have the MOFO mix on Artificial Horizon but oh well. As for them selling this to the general public, who cares? The more the merrier, MUCH of this content is available through singles and b-sides anyways.
  9. Too bad I didn't see this earlier, would have bought extra GA's on top of what I got through the pre-sale, boo!
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