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  1. I can absolutely see them opening with The Blackout followed by The Fly. It would make a lot of sense considering the Blackout rocks followed by THe Fly would turn the crowd on its ear. The songs are sonically similar although differant keys . Also In the innocence shows ,,, early songs (ooc, electic co, gloria , i will follow) were in the beginning of the show. .. I believe that the Experience part of the career started At Achtung Baby. The fly hasnt been played the past 2 tours ,, I can see this being its return to prominence.
  2. My 13 year old son spend his hard earned money on getting me the U2 -innocence/ experience dvd for Father's Day . Made me so proud that he would do such a nice thing knowing my love for the band and especially of my great memories of swing this tour in New York last year. However the video quality is extremely blurry and the video screen is sometimes unviewable. This must be a mistake as I know the band would be embarrassed to put out a product so poor. Please let me know what to do about getting a replacement dvd. Thank you.
  3. First thing. I absolutely believe the new management had everything to do with these pricing schemes. ( I do understand that this is a smart business model and why they are doing it) but I think the management just said to live nation just do your thing and we will show up. I think it is lazy on the part of management especially considering the great lengths the band went to keep their fans happy in the past. I am very excited to spend the 2 nights in Manhattan with my favorite band albeit the fact that I've paid well over 1000 to see them both nights and don't even have at least 1 lower level seat.
  4. I just checked ticketmaster for msg July 30 tickets which a day after presale you can sit anywhere you want. I noticed that section 213 tickets are now on sale for 118. I feel like a sucker after paying 312 a ticket for July 18th. Anyone else?
  5. Dolstein I would be very interested in buying the July 19 th tickets from you. I want upgrade my poor fan club seats.
  6. Got right in for msg 1 section 118 for 118 each.... Only to have been shot down in the end saying they could not process request. Got in again for section 213 row 2 for 315 each got another message saying could not process request. ...... Was charged and received tick insurance on both sets of tickets and have pending transactions on credit card..... Think I will getcthm???
  7. i did not have an easy time w/ ny . Did not recognize my password several times . finally got 2 seats in section 208 row 9. for the 19th . not really happy about my seats but I guess I should be happy to see them at all.
  8. Got Giants Floor tix . How did everyone make out. I am very happy with the system so far.BEUTIFUL>
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