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  1. I agree, it'd be great to allow more people to have such an amazing experience, but since it's a contest of only those who've already been up, I hope you'll consider someone who wants to represent all of us and that's me: https://youtu.be/wVkpPIP5ROg
  2. I have one GA ticket available for either 23, 26 or 27th. Looking to trade for a GA of one of those other nights. (I have 2 GAs for each of those 3 shows, but would prefer to have 3 tix for one night). mod edit : email removed, please use the PM feature for contacting each other, thanks
  3. Have a friend we'd like to bring with us to one of the Montreal shows. Looking for a single GA for ANY night. Email me: colleen@idreamoutloud.org
  4. See you there! I know there are a handful of us that will be arriving on Thursday and are planning on camping.
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