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  1. Not taking away from the amazing group of people here on the Zoo Forums but we have a good group of about 300 or so people on Facebook for Chicago. It is a group that was formed for the IE Tour and now have shifted over to The Joshua Tree Tour. I have just become the new admin of the group and we plan pre and post show get togethers, have great discussions, help each other, and all that fun stuff. If interested here is the link to join. Mods: If I am over stepping my bounds by posting this, I apologize and you can take down. LINK: https://www.facebook.com/groups/U2ieTourChicago/
  2. The group of people that my wife and I are going with to the concert just booked a Air BnB apartment right near Navy Pier. Not bad splitting it 6 ways.
  3. Hello Everyone, After getting my tickets this morning I went to book a hotel room using my contacts and got a response back that all of their hotels are booked solid. I did a bit more research and noticed that 90% of the hotels in the downtown Chicago area are booked solid due to the ASCO Oncologist Convention at McCormick place. Just a FYI to those attending the Chicago show and coming in from out of town. The few rooms that are left in the city are very expensive, have 2-5 night mins, or way outside the downtown area. I would suggest Air BnB to anyone looking for places to stay in the downtown area. The outer areas of Chicago have rooms (Rosemont etc.) and easy to get to by train from Downtown.
  4. I saw the VIP nation info for Europe. Looked about the same at the I&E tour. No word on the USA VIP.
  5. What is the VIP ticket limit? I heard 2 but I hope it is 4
  6. Patiently waiting more ticket info including VIP info and ticket limits! Going to take my daughter to her first U2 show ever. She will be 7
  7. I will be going to Pippen's on Rush Street after the show with a bunch of people in a Facebook group for the Chicago shows. Hope to see you there!
  8. I have VIP for Wednesday night. Looking forward to it.
  9. Going Wednesday & Thursday (although I have not gotten tickets for Thursday yet. Wednesday VIP Party Package with seats in Section 122, Row 1
  10. I cannot stand the money grubbing people on stub hub but my wife and I want to see both the Wednesday (bought with my code) and Thursday show in Chicago. Anyone have lower level tickets for sale for the Thursday night Chicago show?
  11. Centurion

    Which hotel?

    I am staying at the newly renovated (by my company) AC Hotel on Rush Street. Plan on taking a cab to value and using Uber to head back to Rush Street after for some drinking. It is too early to post about get togethers yet but I will as we get closer and hopefully meet some new friends
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