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  1. It was a radio station promotion. Sure you've seen the news on it by now. 6 tunes, Bono and Edge etc. Sounds like the winner is a big fan which is great.
  2. Just second show of the tour for me. Going from GA to behind the stage. I've been lucky to have GA for many show, tonight its just about "listening" and soaking it all in.
  3. It is high up and I had friends that were up there for the 360 tour and said the sound wasn't great. if its a cool/windy evening expect a rough go as well. Not to discourage you but it is a stadium. If you are high up and say from midfield and close towards the stage it might be worth it. Far endzone/corners. bag it.
  4. until the band 100% stops touring I will continue to pay.
  5. These are VERY cool. In the US for the Boston show I was able to request "hard tickets". that is how I always get them these days.
  6. IceMan1


    It would make sense to have new/updated shirts.
  7. for the US run most if not all are in stadiums. They usually don't sell behind the stage for these events. See if you can email the venue they'd know.
  8. stay in the fan club. Pre-sale for long time members was open the day before everyone else. I got 4 GA tickets for Boston in a matter of seconds.
  9. IceMan1

    Ticket Tips

    clear website browser history in any/all browser you are going to use. log on to your ticketmaster account FIRST..then go find the event page (you can do this 10 minutes earlier). refresh one site, refresh the other... keep your ticket request reasonable. Don't go for 6 tickets when you really only need 2 (or even 1). The fewer you look for the better. If you do get in..put in GA in one search, and seats in the other. be patient.
  10. I got in, 4 GA tickets in the opening minute of the on-sale. I too have been a "fan" for ages. I also re-up my membership each year and was able to get pre-sale access the day before others. Fan clubs that honor loyalty/tenure is why I hang on. Pearl Jam is one (i've been inside 6 rows for a few years) as well as Dave Matthews. As much as I don't care for DMB the tenure offers me up great seats so I let my brother use my info so he can take his wife.
  11. Hmmm. I have 4 GA tickets...and I requested HARD TICKETS (always do/try to).
  12. I got 4 GA tickets about 12 seconds after the pre-sale started. Easiest pre-sale I think I've ever been a part of.
  13. still rumors on a second show (the 26th)
  14. GA with the # is just their way of tracking. The GA "Section" is the largest area of the field. A small section that is fenced off is for the VIP buyers.
  15. Agree with another poster..they don't end with Streets..they haven't that I am aware of (main set maybe) perhaps ever... They will do JT in full and in order is my guess. That is how EVERY SINGLE BAND does it when stuff is played in full. When I saw the Cult do Love it was in order..so yeah we got She Sells Sanctuary "earlier" in the set.. When I saw Slint do Spiderland in full..same thing. DOn't break it up..that is silly. Pearl Jam did 10 in full (in order) as well as a few others. Keep it in order. So as the poster above noted much like Rush expect JT to either open the show break Best of stuff or Random Best of.. break JT I am going to go w/JT being the start. The run time for JTree is UNDER 60 min (actually a hair over 50). Figure with chatter you are going to get a 60 minute JT set, 5 minute "break" and then maybe another 60 of "other stuff". I love em too, but think. Marathon sets is something I've never seen U2 do. According to U2Gigs site: On two occasions at the end of the 360° Tour, U2 played 26 songs, namely on 20 July 2011 in East Rutherford and 30 July 2011 in Moncton. They also played 26 songs on 27 June 2005 in Dublin on the Vertigo Tour, although as An Cat Dubh and Into The Heart are basically two parts of an essentially inseparable whole, some people may only count that set as having 25 songs. A couple of other setlists have been bumped up to 26 thanks to Bono leading the audience in singing Happy Birthday. So..a Spingsteen'esque setlist shouldn't be expected. JT tree is 11 tunes already. You are gonna get Pride and Sunday..Bad in some cities, Breathe friends..its going to rule regardless.
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