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  1. Your thoughts sum up my own for the most part. The one notable exception is I absolutely do blame the band. You can’t be the “biggest band in the world” and allow this debacle. Did U2 suddenly become meek? Does their influence hold no sway? They couldn’t say no to any of this? The responsibility for this is U2’s in my eyes, and their silence thus far is disgraceful. They have no problem sounding off about everything else in the world. Where are they now? No sort of announcement or statement here. On Twitter? Anywhere? Like I said disgraceful. This is the kind of thing they drag others over the coals for.
  2. The whole “lottery/selection” process or whatever happened is a disgrace. If you’re going to do that be upfront about it so I can plan what I want to do. Maybe I wouldn’t have bothered with fan club membership. At the very least do the selection days before, and not the day of the damn sale. Instead I receive an email at 11 PM saying I’m good for presale and then a second at 12:53 AM saying I’m not good for presale. Who does business this way? The one obvious answer is TM, but I expect better from U2.
  3. There’s you and me (me and you?). That’s two so far. Somebody else can count the rest.
  4. I submitted a request at 5 AM eastern time in US before most people even realized what was going on. Took the mod four hours to get back to be. The mods are bailing water on a sinking ship with a soup spoon. They catch the deluge while Bono is building a mall in Lithuania. I should add I appreciate the mods futile efforts.
  5. "Does the band know you and your LiveNation cronies are pulling this lottery stunt?" Yeah U2 is all over it. Lots of help on Twitter. Oh wait. I'm sorry. It's the fan sites that are helping.
  6. "Anybody knows Larry's phone number?" Bingo! I'm not the only one who remembers.
  7. You'll be able to get tickets. What it's going to cost is the question.
  8. Are you serious? Can you pay attention to what has been posted on this board? "Your subscription provides you the opportunity to TRY for tickets ahead of the general public." I'm not even getting a chance to TRY for tickets because U2/TM screwed up. Do the capital letters help you comprehend? I followed all the steps for presale access. According to Customer Service at the fan club my account is "Up to date and correct." However, I received the second email telling me I don't have access to presale tickets after the first email stated I did.
  9. No. I did buy a gift subscription last year for my sister. She lives at a different address, and she renewed it with her own payment info this year.
  10. I want tickets too. What I'm saying is this isn't U2's first time screwing their fans.
  11. Your post should be posted on the front page of U2.com. Is there another band that treats their fans so contemptibly? "Many people who joined U2.com and didn't get tickets are understandably angry. They now have the option to get a full refund of their subscription fee," - Larry Mullen in 2005 for the Vertigo tour. I hope the same holds true twelve years later. I'm eagerly awaiting another non-apology apology from Mr. Mullen.
  12. I did the same thing. I'm not sure if there's away to message all the moderators.
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