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  1. I hope you had a great birthday Larry 🍻 Best wishes from France for your 59th
  2. Ready for some serious fun Friday night/lockdown vibes
  3. Ready to get elevated :)

  4. Here in France, another tragedy happened on October 16th, with the assassination of a high school teacher, Samuel Paty, by a terrorist. The whole country was in shock, and the awful act on this respectful and free teacher led to a national tribute. The family of Samuel Paty chose one of his favourite songs for the tribute that happened at La Sorbonne, one of the most famous and prestigious College in France. The song is One, by U2. Please take 4:30 to watch the video of this very emotional tribute: https://www.huffingtonpost.fr/entry/hommage-national-a-samuel-paty-lentree-e
  5. The new videos are really cool! 😎
  6. Nice new look for our Zoo :) Congrats

  7. Joyeux anniversaire Bono / Happy Birthday dear B.Β πŸ˜—πŸŽ‚

  8. From the album: Bono @60

    Because it's the last time I saw him... :'

    © @Judith86

  9. B. you're almost 60... get ready for the in-house party :D

  10. Hope Sir Clayton had people "around" him to celebrate, despite ... you know 😷
  11. Happy Birthday Mr ClaytonΒ πŸŽ‰

  12. Can't wait for Saturday streaming! :)

  13. From the album: Adam Clayton @60

    And the second meeting, still in Paris, for the Bercy shows in 2018 :)

    © @Judith86

  14. From the album: Adam Clayton @60

    Had the chance to meet twice the sweetest bass player I know, in Paris, for the Bercy shows in 2018 :)

    © @Judith86

  15. Happy Anniversary to the greatest band in the world!

  16. Enjoy the break! And can't wait to see you all again very soon :)

  17. Time to update the Event Calendar with European shows! :)

  18. Have fun everyone! Wish I was there with all the fans celebrating! Montreal sounds like a lot of fun
  19. Hello guys,I was at both Vegas shows, and I'm looking for videos of "in between songs" from the 2d night:- between Acrobat and Best thing, where we can see Larry (a friend had a moment there)- between Best thing and Staring, where we can see Larry (I had a moment)Thanks a lot for your help, haven't found anything on Youtube yet...
  20. Missing Chicago, wish I was there, in that great city... See u end of June though! :)

  21. Can't wait for Vegas!!!! :)

  22. Fingers crossed for the ballot for Trafalgar Square!!!

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