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  1. Had similar challenge. When they swipe the card it is merely to read the info of the mag stripe. It makes no difference if the account is open or closed. I really screwed up for the 360 tour and had destroyed my original card. Took three hours for me to get someone in the box office day of show to correct the issue which I felt was unfortunate as these situations do occur. Just keep your old card and things should be fine. You can take it to the box office early and they will be able to check it as well.
  2. Anyone know when we will be allowed into the stadium grounds to line up for GA at Levi's Stadium?
  3. I have done the 7:00 am thing many times and did not mind until the Oakland 360 tour stop. They crammed way, way too many folks into the "Inner Circle". Most venues had it under control but that show was extremely uncomfortable. For the life of me I don't understand why the band doesn't take a page from the Springsteen GA approach. It is organized and civilized. I have shown up at 4:30 some thirty minutes before the wristband drawing and got in directly in front of Bruce at Pac Bell. Getting there early insures that you have plenty of time to compare shows and meet folks but in no way affects your final place in line and orderly entry. I have also been unlucky and wound up out of the "Pit". Just a thought. I'll still be there early unless changes are forth coming. Going to both San Jose shows in May.
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