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  1. With all due respect, you people need to stop being so naive. I mean that respectfully. U2 is a money making machine that is, and has been, hands on in everything they do. The chances they are not fully aware of how this was set up is zero. Sorry. This exercise is about wringing every last cent out of every last ticket possible. I do agree the treatment the fan club has received is ridiculous. I will never pay another dollar to be a member of this site. #me(U2)
  2. Odds that second shows will bear decent GA fruit for those of us who bought membies? Not holding my breath, but hopefully they take care of us.
  3. they are for sure not making it up. they are squeezing every last cent out of the tickets that they can.
  4. Wolf Alice is current favourite band! You’ve seen them 5 times?! Awesome. Do they open with Heavenward? Also my current favourite song! wish they’d come here. Only bands I travel for are U2 (maybe not this time for the first time since 1992) and Radiohead
  5. None will be cancelled. They will do the same thing that Arcade Fire had to do (under Live Nation). Drastically reduce the prices of tickets as the shows approach. Arcade Fire shows were still half empty, but you could get the tickets initially reserved in the "platinum package" - at $450 a piece - for $125 5 days before the show. U2 can likely drum up enough demand on the existing shows that the drop won't be that drastic, but given this roll out, I doubt many second shows get added. We may see a couple new cities (Toronto, Vancouver, etc) with traditional strong demand, but second s
  6. i have some swamp land to sell you if you think that general fans navigated the code fiasco just for the privilege to buy general onsale tickets faster than the scalpers did. not a chance. When was the last time a general arena tour by U2 did not announce multiple additional dates the day the general onsale started? Hell, they barely even announced many shows to start with. They screwed this up royally. on every level. And, it is going to cost them a few more shows. Watch. Can't wait for the egg on the face moment where they have to, gulp, let casual fans just sign onto ticketmast
  7. This has to be the biggest fuck up of all time by a band and their management. i doubt they skate this press...
  8. they may have finally got too greedy. none of the shows are even close to selling out (except for Montreal and NYC). the absurd hoops to jump through (which did not have any effect at all (see ebay/stubhub/etc) combined with a price point that is just out of touch means none of these shows have sold out. how do you add more, when no one is willing to pay 3$400 to sit in the second deck for the first night? they just keep doing really stupid things. it is like they are magnets for bad press. but they do it to themselves.
  9. oh, that is right my friend, that is right.
  10. Not a compelling argument, if your premise is that the fan’s interest is informing the decisions being made on how pre-general sale tickets are being allocated.
  11. It’s not the “experience” group that is selling before you have acces in the “innocence” group. Those tickets were sold to secondary sites before any ticket was made available to the public. I’d bet my mortgage on it.
  12. Agreed. Most of us are travelling to go to the show anyway and should be relatively flexible given the dates are 7 months+ away. The key is to be patient and wait for the added shows. given all the uproar, maybe they throw the diehard fans a bone and open up even half as many GA's as they did for Citi I want red zone tickets (old, don't like to wait in lines) and those seem way harder to get this time around. we'll see. God himself couldn't convince me that this whole thing wasn't completely deliberate though. Like I said, leveraging diehards is the easiest way to hedge your bets o
  13. Bono's an investor in shopping malls in tinbuktu financed with money he is sheltering from tax (his choice) in Malta, and you think he doesn't know that his touring company is rigging the system to maximize profit? I've got some swamp land to sell ya...
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