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  1. Yes, GA's still available for $70 as of Midnight CST....hope some lucky fans can take advantage of last minute deals!!
  2. I bought 2 GA's this a.m. on TicketCity.com for $87 each. Pre-loaded gift cards that I will pick up in MSP tomorrow. Kind of hated to get them that way, but time was running out. Haven't seen any GA's drop on Ticketmaster. :-( Good luck!
  3. Does anyone know or have "educated guess" if there will be a Songs of Experience tour in 2018? If so, where/when might it start? Just curious that it must be on the agenda with a new album hopefully coming out.
  4. My wife and I have decided to drive up to MSP from Nebraska for the show and are looking for 2 GA tix. Would like to buy at face value, rather than going through resale ticket sellers. Thanks in advance to anyone that can help us out!!
  5. How do they decide if the roof will be open or closed for the show on Friday night? Forecast looks nice - high 71 and low 50 and sunny....curious if anyone knows answer to this??
  6. Yeah, I bought two for June 6, then was looking at other options and saw as was noted that you can buy about the same seats for $200 less if you get the VIP pkg. Wished I had looked at that sooner. May try to resell them through Flashseats. If anyone wants to buy 2 tix Section 120 Row 2 Seats 12-13 contact me. I'd sell them for the same as I bought them for and get something cheaper - like I did for the June 7 show. I see some are selling same seats, same row on Flashseats for $500 each. Crazy!!!
  7. My wife and I will be going - June 28 - got Row 1 Upper Deck - section 333 this morning. Couldn't quite justify the $290 per ticket for lower level and she didn't want to be looking up into someone's armpit from the GA section! Although we had a blast back in Minneapolis when we were in the Heart! Will be about 8th or 9th time we have seen them - 2 x Chicago for Popmart, 1 x for 360, 1 x Omaha - Vertigo, 3 x Minneapolis - Popmart/Elevation/360. Think we will try to get some General Sale tickets for 29th to make trip worth 9 hour drive from Nebraska!! It's a Beautiful Day!!!
  8. Can't get into pre-sale today for Innocence - Chicago - after 10:00a m cst and says my password is incorrect....copied it straight from U2.com site.....what the hell!!!! Somebody please help me what to do.....
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