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  1. I'm happy that this show is being released, but I think it's a tremendous step down to have to go from the TV broadcast version being in high definition to a standard definition disc - especially when every U2 live video release since 2009 has had a Blu-ray high definition option. I understand and respect that not every subscriber has Blu-ray, but it's been industry standard for some time to include both a Blu-ray disc and DVD in the same package - it only bumps up the manufacturing cost about 50 cents to do so. U2.com has had no problem with sending out gifts in formats that not all subscri
  2. Alas, I must work in the evening so I can’t attend, but sending my best wishes to all who can.
  3. My favorite part of the E&I show is the last two songs - Love Is Bigger and 13. I got lucky in that the person last night left during One, so I got to enjoy my favorite part of the show in peace plus with some extra space. So I guess it works out in the end. My dad has joked that ever since I was a kid that I had an “a—hole magnet” on my back, because this always happens to me. Whether it’s a concert or a play or a movie, I’m almost always next to the jerk who won’t shut up. But im really trying to look at the bright side here. The show itself was phenomenal, my favorite part o
  4. I was up in the 200 level for MSG 3, and I really enjoyed getting to see a show from a vantage point where I could see both stages and the screen unobstructed, as well as a view of all of the lighting effects built into the stage floor. I feel like on this particular tour (and the 2015 version), the band weren't really playing to the floor audience to the degree that they had in the past. You could easily pick a spot where they'd be right in front of you for at least a song, but they weren't necessarily looking at you. The eyelines just seemed different. And that's not a good or bad thing,
  5. I'm hoping we have a shot at Red Flag Day today. I know there's zero chance of it happening tonight, but I would still love to hear The Showman, Landlady and Little Things. So if the band is feeling like delivering a surprise miracle, I humbly suggest those.
  6. Sweet, enjoy! Will be seeing you from up in section 200-and-something!
  7. I wish I could see that too! I think I just laughed, because really, what else can you do?
  8. You know what? I did have a great show. I wasn't sure what to expect, I was feeling a little "blah" about going, but the band really seemed to take it up a notch, and there was more energy in the behind the stage/side stage spot that I had on night 2 than there was on the floor spot I had on night 1. As for this person, she was... better, but not great. Before the show began, she used the zoom lens on her camera to zoom into Larry's setlist by his drumset and them screamed over and over that Gloria was on the set, which was kinda disappointing because I would have preferred to have bee
  9. I suppose this is as good a place as any to mention it, but I absolutely love the acoustic version of "You're The Best Thing About Me" - I'm loving all of the live performances of SOE songs, even the ones that I didn't like as much on the record, but this one took the biggest leap for me. I loved the idea of the song but I didn't like the version on the album, which to me sounded a little lifeless and generic. But this acoustic version is sweet, tender and beautiful - it's romantic and soulful, and I love the atmosphere of them performing it with the lights dimmed. The transition from Acrob
  10. In my entire U2 going life, I have never before sold a ticket to a show that I planned on going to. I may have sold an extra ticket where I wound up with more than I needed, but I never took a show off the calendar before. It was a really tough decision for me at first just because it goes against my own instinct. But I also bought the Newark ticket before there was an MSG 3, and before I had decided to see Boston 2. And I bought that Newark ticket when it looked like that could have been the last U.S. show on the tour. All of that has changed. Definitely no complaints on my part about t
  11. Just curious for anyone who was at both MSG shows and/or the Nassau Coliseum show... was it just me, or was MSG 2 the best of the bunch so far?
  12. I decided not to go on Friday, but I will be there on Sunday! So far, I saw then at Nassau Coliseum, the second Boston show, and the two MSG shows. I was not at all impressed at Nassau Coliseum - the acoustics in the building where I was sitting were just terrible and I couldn't hear anything clearly, which may have led to my reaction, so it could have been the band was better than they seemed. I really enjoyed the Boston show but felt a couple of the transitions between songs/themes seemed a little clunky. And the first show at MSG was technically good but I had some people around me
  13. You are not going to believe this, but when I got to my seats tonight - the person next to me was the disappointed woman who complained all through Monday's show in the GA area. I don't think she recognized me, but I mean, what are the chances??? :)
  14. The Sunday night show isn't technically sold out - at this point, you can go to Ticketmaster and get face value tickets starting at the $112 price range - a little pricey but readily available if the goal is just getting in the door, just FYI.
  15. Have a great time! I'm headed out shortly as well. I have a lower level ticket behind/to the side of the main stage - it should be at just enough of an angle to get a glimpse of the screen, as well as a great view of the band when they're playing in the main stage area.
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