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  1. Was it by phone or email? I've been out of the country since Friday morning and will be back late tonight. Haven't been able to check my phone messages. That would be an awesome welcome home to have that message waiting!
  2. That's what I would assume as well. It's odd that there is zero news about the announcement of winners or from the winners themselves. I wouldn't care so much, but I live in CA and entered!
  3. Hotel prices have exceeded the extortion level even an hour outside the city. I'm a frequent SF traveler so I'm very familiar with room rates. I'm blown away by what I'm seeing. It's so disgusting. Rooms that I rarely pay more than $200 a night are $929 and up. I saw the Holiday Inn at $1126!!!
  4. It may be possible... but have in mind that Dreamforce is a massive conference, to the point that by now, it's more than likely that every hotel/B&B/AirBnB/etc in San Francisco is either sold out or charging $$$$$.... It's so huge, last year they had a cruise ship where conference attendees stayed because there were not enough hotel rooms... so... the recommendation would be to have in mind all of this before considering to participate - maybe this one could be for the local fans... Plus, with it being so close, on top of the hotel charges, airfare will be very high also.
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