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  1. On 6/30/2017 at 7:52 AM, VerUt2igo said:

    I felt the energy was higher and the band a little looser this second night. Wasn't sure Mysterious Ways was on track, but they pulled it out. Lost a bet at the end of that song though. Up until introducing the girl to us, Bono had not uttered the words New York. It was only that he repeated where she was from so I lost on a technicality. Now I'm on the hook for unlimited libations at my expense whenever I see my U2 bud.  Not a bad thing at all. And boy could she dance!

    How did you feel people around you react to the more political staff Bono said?  A friend who was at Wednesday's show felt the crowd energy was generally low, and I concur.  Interestingly to me, on Thursday, I was with a friend way up in the nosebleed seats (just 1 row shy of the last one) and people were more warm and seemed more into the music, but in a few sections around us, when Bono got political, there were little groups of guys who would start chanting "USA, USA".  And totally agree on the woman dancing with Bono - she was a cool customer.  If you look at the comments on one of the YouTube clips of her, it appears she's been on stage a few times before.  Lucky girl!

  2. For the folks at last night's show, do you recall when exactly the boys took to the stage?  I think it was close to 9:30, but didn't look at my watch or phone.  I was so lucky on the drive over (came by car, from the NJ waterfront), made it in less than 30 minutes, after the worst of rush hour.  Then spent 15 mins trying to find the parking lots.  The worst thing about NJ is nothing is ever labeled clearly.

    It was a brilliant show.  I was in section 139 in what's called Row 7, but it was really the 2nd row in the section.  Fantastic views.  Well worth the kidney I had to sell to afford the tickets.  :rolleyes:


    This is the first time I haven't been able to get tickets in a presale. Two seconds in, no tickets came up for New York/NJ. Sold out immediately. Yep, the Trump era has arrived: Russian scalpers get the seats and only the rich can go see U2.


    Close your browser, clear your cache and try again.  That is a message you get when you've tried too many times.


    Thanks, this was SO helpful!   That worked for me.  I cleared browser and cache, was able to get in, AND actually do several searches before I made a purchase, and without having to do all that bot stuff over and over.

  4. Max Tsukino, do you know if we're safe to use our pre-sale codes on 2 different Ticketmasters?  (e.g. Ireland at 9am Irish time, buying 2 tix, then 5 hours later logging in to US Ticketmaster to buy 2 tix for a US show)


    Are we safe to do that, or will we have trouble on the 2nd Ticketmaster using our pre-sale code?


    Thank you!

  5. I sat in 102 last weekend and you have a great view from that angle of everything except the giant screens.  102 was basically at the end edge of the screens.  It's a pity to miss the visuals from them, but you'll have a great sight line for the e stage and the catwalk and the I stage.


    Oh, and you'll have way more legroom than in the seats facing the screens (e.g sections 118, 119, etc).  I'm short and even for me, the few times we actually sat in 118 Thursday night, your knees touched the seats in front of you.  Even with all that corporate sponsorship, I guess MSG needs to squeeze every last penny they can from the venue.


    enjoy the show!

  6. This made my night!  We have seats in row 4 of section 110, which is the same view as section 114 (but on Adam's side).  We also have one seat in section 104, but I think the 110 seats will be better.  Has anyone sat in section 104 at MSG?  We are bringing our 13 year old, huge u2 fan.....we are so excited:-)

    I was in section 102 on Sunday and the views of the e stage and the catwalk were great and the main stage in the distance, but the section is dead on facing the wedge end of the giant screen, so the result was you couldn't see anything on the screens. 


    Given that 104 is to the side of where I was, I think you'll be in a great spot!  Let us know how it goes...

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