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  1. ... I guess I should start doing some actual work, now that it's almost 11:30. ;-)
  2. Thank you for helping to solve this bugaboo, mods. Appreciate it!
  3. Where on TM do you see how many presale tickets you have left?
  4. I appreciate that there are people here paying attention, posting in the thread and working to fix it. :-)
  5. I'm mildly annoyed by all of this, but right now I'm way more annoyed at myself for wasting 3 hours obsessively refreshing this page and Ticketmaster! I have way too much work to do to be obsessing. Ha!
  6. Hearing from people who did get "regular" tickets, they had 3 or all 4 tickets still avaialble with their code. Sounds like the issue is truly a disconnect between U2.com saying the limit is 4, and Ticketmaster thinking it's 2.
  7. I was half-kidding on that. But if you have a full 4 tickets available on your code seems to make all the difference. Will keep trying, and will try again tomorrow during the next presale. Thanks for working to try and fix it with Ticketmaster.
  8. Are you using a code that has no purchases on it? (as a mod, you must have special fancy magic codes as needed) Because with my 1-ticket-left-code, still nada no matter what city I look for.
  9. TM told me all they could tell was that maybe the allotted tickets were gone. I let them know it seemed to be a widespread issue and the U2.com people were working on it. Really hope this can be corrected before the next presale tomorrow! But that just means less GAs available for the Wire group, since we Red Hill peeps will try and snatch them up at the same time. If it can be fixed before then, hopefully people will have luck, as there must still be allotted tickets left, since apparently hardly anyone got them!
  10. I hate to complain, I've been very fortunate to see U2 as many times as I have, and if San Diego isn't meant to be for me, it's not meant to be. And this is the first time I've ever had presale issues. But man, this is SERIOUSLY disappointing.
  11. That's probably why you got it - apparently a lot of people are being told TM thinks the ticket limit for the codes is 2 instead of 4.
  12. Ughhhh, how? How many tickets do you still have available on your code?
  13. Oh goodness, no. That just sounds like problems waiting to happen. Have just been testing with Mpls. Show I actually want is San Diego, so we'll see what happens in 12 minutes.
  14. Wow, that's crazy. Especially since it seems to be happening in multiple cities.
  15. Tried going through the internet browser on my phone for Mpls, and this time I just got a "sorry, no tickets available" after entering my code instead of "VIP unlocked", so .... progress? Ha ha.
  16. So bizarre. I just tried Buffalo, and keep getting the same result - "VIP packages unlocked."
  17. Seems to be intermittent - a friend reported she was just able to get GAs for St Louis and Minneapolis via the website.
  18. I tried going straight to TM site, and using U2.com link. No luck on either.
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