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  1. I am having the same problem. I made an order as well on October 31st, and I am beyond irritated! I get it, things happen, but their refusal to respond to ANY of my E-mails is what is really putting me over the edge! No excuse to ignore my inquiries. I would rather they at least lie to me and say "sorry, shipping soon", rather then no response at all! Also, where did you find this phone number to call? I would love to have it if you still have it to pass on. Thanks
  2. For being new at this "Groupie thing", you managed to score a lot of tickets quite expertly. Each venue will have several "fans" in charge of the queuing process.
  3. I have 2 GAs for the first show in Boston. We won't know until January, when my husbands vacation bid board goes up, if he can't get the vacation time off, our tickets will be available.....at cost only.
  4. Most of the Experience group was shut out of GA in the Presale. In the major cities. NY DC
  5. Ticketmaster convinced themselves that the U2 "loyal Followers", would be willing and happy to pay the big bucks. Boy, did they Ever miss judge us!!
  6. I still have the E-mail he sent out to us! I guess its just hard for me to believe that they knew TicketMaster was going to hold back the GA's from us............Who knows, maybe they are just tired of the same faces on the floor.
  7. I hope the Springsteen fans have got it wrong. I will attempt to purchase tickets when it is open to the public. If I am blocked from that opportunity, I am not sure what to do after that?
  8. TicketMaster stole our tickets. AND, from my understanding of how this "Fan Verification" goes, (According to Bruce Springsteen fans), once you have done the verification thing, when tickets go on sale to the public, we will be blocked from those sales.
  9. Not in the bigger cities as far as we can tell. NY, DC, Vegas, 10 seconds after the opening, and all we got was, "unavailable".....But we have these fantastic seats for 325 you can have!......If any people got any, there was a select few. Ticket Master must have allocated most of the GA tickets for 'others'.....the tickets will probably be found elsewhere for purchase, but at a much higher price!
  10. we all had the same problem in the Experience group yesterday. 5 seconds into the sale and no GA or Red Zone were available...But! you could purchase some super expensive ones instead!.....Ticket Master held those GA tickets back to sell to scalpers.....It was in the bigger cities, like New York, DC and Vegas.
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