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  1. Anniebear. Thanks. Around a half an hour ago my back ground turned to grey and it was so easy to read everything. But now it's back to the old formatagain. But maybe somewhere out there in Tech Support someone is looking into this.
  2. Thanks Akakitten as i squint so see your user name. Can I suggest to allout there who are having this problem to contact "Tech Support" and if you are reading this Bono please put in a good word for you us with TechSupport .I have only two eyes and I need them to try and read your website.
  3. Hi Anniebear. Well thank God i am not the only one with this problem I have sent a message to Tech support. Will let you know if I get a reply.
  4. Hi all. Is it just me, or is anyone out there having difficulties readting this website. The red and white fonts used with a black background on this sitemakes it very difficult to read all the posts. Do I need to buy glasses or is there anyone out there experiencing the same problems ?
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