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  1. Two GA tickets available We're in the General admission line (approximately #550) and two couldn't make it. We have fan tickets that require credit card entry. [MOD EDIT: FACE VALUE ONLY]. You MUST get here by 3pm, (doors open at 5pm), and wait with us in line. [MOD EDIT: NO REQUESTS FOR OFFERS. FACE VALUE ONLY]. [MOD EDIT: NO PHONES. PLEASE USE PMs]
  2. Right up there with Bono. Caetano Veloso has an amazing voice and his falsetto is like no other!
  3. Was in Malibu today and decided to check out the Edge's property. Some of the locals (locos) don't want him to build his proposed home on his own property. I must have counted 45 homes at the same level or above his proposed site. I understand their arguments but don't agree. You have a solid case Dave, don't give up. I for one would love to have you as a distant neighbor. Just make sure and invite me over for a Bar-b-q once you get your home built. GOOD LUCK!
  4. Recently received the limitted edition (500) Litho of U2 at the Rose Bowl that I purchased back in December--hghlight of the show! I opened up the poster and discovered my hand at the bottom of the picture. Also saw my wife's hand and my oldest son's hand. I beleive we are now honorary members of U2. Well at least we are in the same poster as them. Good job Otto!
  5. This was our vantage point at the Rose Bowl. Otto took a B&W photo of the same moment and is selling it for $100.00 on this web site. Just ordered one. Perfect Christmas gift for my nine year old. This was his first concert ever.
  6. Edge posted this picture in his twitter account and by God we are in it. This is the close up!
  7. Edge posted this picture in his twitter account and by God we are in it.
  8. Tony is a a class act legend!
  9. Traveling around the world
  10. David Henry, David Rene & Christian Rene
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