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  1. [quote name='sanid wrote: MacFoley']Why did Bono say the band is coming to an end? He didn't say it was coming to an end. He said that it was on the verge of irrelevance - think Oldie Band and "Yeah I used to really like them back in the day" - and that they were going to have to keep pushing and re-inventing themselves to stay relevant. That's my take on it anyway My thought exactly. I think that's why they haven't released another album with everything they have. Want to really release something new for them. Makes sense.
  2. I really have caught more "uh's and oh's" then anything else... its becoming quite funny. Like another language
  3. my stream is so in and out... can't even get a full answer before they are on the next topic... hopefully the video will be streaming afterwards as well
  4. Many prayers to a successful and relaxing recovery. We'll see you again on tour soon enough!
  5. I was in attendance at the Rose Bowl concert and I really think they need to put Breathe back in there. Its such a great song and a wonderful lift off to the entire show. So I think it should be apart of the concert -- at least for the blu-ray!
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