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    360 Tour Toronto 2009 - after a 34 year wait :-)
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  1. Hi. Did anyone have difficulty getting Red Zone tix for Toronto in the Wed. presale?
  2. FYI - found out from a Canadian travel agent friend this week that if I buy my travel tix from them for a show, they can sell me a cancellation insurance package that would apply to a concert or similar event being cancelled! Had no idea that was even possible
  3. I expect it will be on the soon to be released fan club remix CD I went up that tower 1 hour before seeing U2 in Toronto - interesting to get an aerial view of the claw and our seats :-)
  4. For some reason, I've been assuming Arcade Fire will do Montreal at least - they are coming out with a new album next year and they've opened in Montreal for U2 before. I'm also expecting Bad and Pride back in the set list for North America - I can't help but wonder if they dropped them early in the NA leg to hold something back to tempt fans with in 2010 shows: "Yes, you saw us in 2009, but you didn't see Bad, Pride, Stand Up Comedy, etc., so come see us in 2010"
  5. Saw Snow Patrol open for them in Toronto - I loved them though the crowd was meh for them - got their new double CD for Christmas, excellent introduction for anyone who doesn't know them.
  6. Our local church held one of these events last night (New Year's Eve) - highly recommended!
  7. I love their single "Not Ready to Go" that was out a few years ago - best straight-up, old school rock song I had heard in a long time.
  8. And the cards keep coming! Thank you to everyone who sent cards, whether you sent 1 or 81 -- each one is welcomed with joy! I am grateful to the following (batch #3!) - all from North America: Marcy, Jordyn, and Heath (the dog): Love the concert photo of the 4 lads Sarah Desiree: Gorgeous hand-crafted U2 card Chris & Alesha: Nice personal touch with your U2 photo card Dorenda: Love the Bono Christmas card Nlaffhims: Brilliant photo card! Love the layout Bonoboop33: Nice use of a photo card - and a great photo Garycubby: Inspired! Braillergirl: Beautiful hand-crafted card Bonnie: Nice ca
  9. As a first-time exchange participant I am overwhelmed by the amazing, tangible interaction with this virtual community.Thank you, thank you, thank you for the ones from North America I received today: Joan in Vermont Leslie in Connecticut (brilliant address label!) Brett in Rhode Island (had never heard of a tree-free card before!) justsonia in Ontario Ingrida in Illinois Dorenda in Arizona (woo hoo! my first photo card!) Merry Christmas everyone!
  10. Just came across this thread - me (and pages of other folks) have been posting our Thanks under the General forum on the Members section (Kristaps has a thread set-up there too). I don't know who's looking at which Thanks so will repeat mine here from yesterday so I don't overlook anyone ------------------------------------------------------------------ Woo hoo! Just received my first ever U2 fan club Christmas card exchange cards!!! Thank you to LMM (great card idea!) Dewbs (nice insert!) This card exchange rocks!
  11. Wow, what an amazing way to really "connect" with Zootops!! REAL cards, not ecards - yay!! I'm in! Sounds like fun :-)
  12. I'm Boots - haven't tried for any yet but have heard some venues GA are gone before Boots can get in. Hoping there are GA tix for Boots in MTL
  13. Funny, I signed up with GEG last week but never got any email re: this presale Perhaps this is the same as the U2 presale - same dates ?? Hope so
  14. Hi folks. Good news, looks like the show will air live on-line Europe MTV Awards broadcast LIVE on MTVEMA.ca Nov 5 at 3p EST and later on MuchMusic TV (Canada) Nov 5 at 7p & 11p EST I expect the actual U2 gig will be more than what makes the show (as was the case with SNL) but love seeing them live
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