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  1. My concern is tRump might pull something dangerous in retaliation to losing the election!!
  2. I have my paperwork signed and ready to go for another job so fingers crossed I'm good at it!!
  3. I totally agree because people around the world were celebrating with us!!
  4. Happy Belated Birthday Larry, I hope you had a great one!!
  5. My 18 year old cat is no longer in pain & reunited with her brothers in Heaven.
  6. I'm jealous because it seems as if those jobs are so hard to come by!!
  7. I purchased a package of Keurig filer fefills for a fraction of what I pay for a box of 2 of them at the store!!
  8. I helped a nearby preschool by getting out of the car and giving them their ball which had rolled across the street.
  9. Yesterday I had Popeye's Chicken which is considered a real treat in my neck of the woods!!
  10. I'm back to cooking and have a quiche in the on right now!!
  11. The rotation part of my right elbow is finally working again!!
  12. Very true because the last thing we needed was me going into surgery!!
  13. I completed my first full week of physical therapy and starting to notice a difference!!
  14. My splint which was causing me great anxiety is fiinally off!!
  15. The swelling in my arm has gone down after fracturing it on Tuesday night.
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