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  1. Amazing two nights, worth the wait. So happy to be doing all over again in Syd in 2 weeks!!!
  2. Can’t understand why anyone would be unhappy to have them come to their city/country!? I saw JT in LA (I live in NZ). Didn’t want to chance they wouldn’t come to NZ/Aus, and was thrilled to finally hear they were coming. The more shows you can see the better I say. I did two at Rose Bowl and now get to do two in Auck and two in Syd. Can’t see a down side!? Enjoy Phillipines!
  3. Same same - RZ to Akl and Sydney for second nights. Phew!!!! Feel like I need a stiff drink!
  4. Got my 2 RZ - weeee!!!!! Just Sydney to grapple with now.
  5. Agree. Each to their own preference re standing/sitting, and wherever you are it will be a great experience. I had forgotten about the flag!
  6. I did both shows in 2017 at rose bowl, both GA as couldn’t get RZ (would have preferred doing one RZ one GA). I lined up first day from 9am and was on the rail. Second day i was a bit slower and got there mid morning and was about 6 rows back. Have to admit first night was better and was definitely worth the extra hours in line to be rail. I’m short and there were lots of cheeky people trying to push in front, so view quite impeded. i was left front of tree stage and perfect spot I thought. Lots of close up with the Band and still great view to main stage. RZ is more to the left and would still be good but you’d get slightly more side angle most of the time rather than front on. Hence I’m doing a mix of both GA and RZ this time. Seats always an option but personally I prefer being amongst it. Very large venues and you’d be reliant on the screen, as band would be like ants!
  7. Absolutely do both! I'm planning doing both nights in both Akl and Syd, and did both nights in 2017 in LA. Especially if you are travelling all that way. You can always mix it up, one night GA, next RZ or seated. I very much doubt youll regret it!
  8. Were you able to enter general GA area as well with RZ as on 360 Tour?
  9. Yes, budget is a bugger! I've blown mine this year now, but hey, has been 10 years right?!!!! I did a seat many years ago in Sydney for Zooropa (god, about 20 years ago!), felt a bit out of it up in the gods - l like the mosh pit! I thought about going to Perth as my sister in law lives there, but quite a bit further to fly. Maybe a second show for there if you are lucky....x
  10. Auck both nights, and both nights Sydney. Saw JT Tour at LA at Rose Bowl in 2017 , both nights doing GA (line up both days - exhausting!). Fantastic concert though and well worth the effort (as was quite a flying trip from NZ and back in 3 days!) Friends thought I was crazy (and my husband, lol!) as went by myself - met some fun people in line though and had a great time. 50 is creeping up now though and RZ looking more attractive each year that passes, despite the price tag!!! You?
  11. Yay! Second shows for both Sydney and NZ. Missed RZ first time around for Sydney so will be in the queue first thing in am for a rail spot with my GA (glad I planned for the worst with that last minute purchase!) Hope second time lucky for RZ for 2nd nite Syd - getting too old and lack my old stamina, lol! RZ for both nights in NZ, all going well! Hope everyine else did ok...
  12. Yes I'm in same boat, no luck whatosoever. Fingers crossed - or theres always the 2nd night!
  13. I was at LA Rosebowl both nights last JT Tour (as was worried they wouldn't come to NZ) - so I get a double whammy - was an AMAZING concert and set up! Well worth the $ and effort.
  14. I also missed - had them in my basket but entered the wrong cvc code, duh! Had forgotten I changed my payment method to amex from m/card. Very stupid mistake! Hopefully will have a decent shot in the general on sale. Worst scenario if missing out in all sales, do as I did - get a GA for night 1 (still avail) and try again for RZ on night 2 in first pre sale. I'm flying to Sydney rom NZ so will just have to change to a Thurs flight if GA so can do the line up all day Fri. GA not the same unless you're up close and personal! Good luck to you.
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