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  1. Hello!! I've been a long-time subscriber but am new to the forum .... Looking forward to reading about like-minded obsessed individuals who share the same u2 passion as I do! (I wish my job allowed me to follow the band around the world more!) ... Life Dream: to have a pint with the boys in Dublin, or anywhere really! Hoping to visit Ireland in the near future. From Toronto, Canada. #loveisallwehaveleft ❤️
  2. wondering if U2 will make a Toronto stop ?❤️... Trying to save my presale code!!! Anyone have news about this?

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    2. miss_bono


      yikes!! awww man... I was hoping they would do a "3rd leg" of the tour... (after Europe)... if not, I'm going to have to change my strategy - i NEED to see this tour!! :) Thanks for your response!



    3. Ishrogh


      I wish I could speak to the person who made the decision not to play in Toronto. Mind-boggling.

    4. Ishrogh


      It's not a privilege for fans to see U2, it's a privilege for a U2 to play for its fans who have supported them for decades. Skipping the forth largest city in North America  (behind behind Mexico City, New York, and Los Angeles) in a metropolis with a concert venue that ranks 11th in world in terms of to ticket sales (Air Canada Centre, Pollstar: "Year End Worldwide Ticket Sales Top 200 Arena Venues, 2017")....it's a snub. For what it's worth, I attended my first u2 concert 35 years ago in 1983 at Massey Hall in Toronto.

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