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  1. As much as I love U2, and trust me, I have spent over $20,000 helping to give them a great life, I am probably going to retire as a fan. This "Verified Scam" ticket process has me really upset. I'm sure they will have a great life without me. I still have not received the code, text, so will likely request a refund for my renewal. So sad.
  2. The video is for real. Not sure how you could miss the obvious edits made to splice Mofo, I Will Follow, and Even Better Than The Real Thing. You hear a big noise when the song switches. The songs were performed in full length. I think this is Pop Mart Denver from May 1997. Of all the Pop Shows I have listened to, this is the weakest. As a Pop fanatic, I want to hear Pop songs live. I understand why they don't, but Discotheque would make sense over I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Remix this Song to Sound like Pop Tonight.
  3. Given the fact that this Cashtung Baby Box Set has garnered such negativity, and that Cash McGuinness could care less about the very fans that have given him and the band "A Great Life," you would think it is possible that the discs are not remastered. However, since the original Achtung Baby is already in print, why would they release a single disc reissue if it were not remastered? As dumb and insulting as it is to include the Sydney DVD, I don't think they would not remaster this when they remastered Boy, Oct, War, TUF, and JT. As lifeless and boring as it is to hear Bono thank th
  4. I'd love a Pop Deluxe. I doubt it will happen. First, the sound quality of Cds from 1996 until now is not that different. They probably sounded better back then before everything got too loud. If they did a Pop Deluxe, after the Cashtung Baby failure, I doubt anybody consults a real true fan, so we would probably get a bunch of remixes. Now, if I was consulted, here would be the Pop Duper Looper Deluxe: CD 1: Original Cd remastered CD 2: B-sides/remixes/Hold Me Thrill Me, and MAYBE Miss Sarajevo and Your Blue Room. CD 3: remixes and New Mixes from the Best of 1990-2000. CD 4: Origi
  5. Edy...your post normally would've made sense...normally. However, to include the Sydney DVD is a major crime against their die hard fans. If that wasn't enough, we all want Zooropa remastered. The only way to get it, is to fork out over $100 US Dollars for a set that is forcing some of us to buy the Sydney DVD for the 3rd, 4th, or 5th time, since it has been released 4 previous times. This will be my 4th purchase of this concert. The only format I never bought was Laser Disc. EVEN WORSE: They will probably try to correct the mistake by releasing Zooropa on its own, but will throw in a Bonus
  6. As pissed as I am at U2, Bono has had a long history of vocal issues dating back to 1983 or possibly even before. I am really mad at U2, but even with the Cashtung Baby remaster, and the Duals garbage, I can say the 360 Tour was fantastic. Bono's voice was great at the 6 shows I went to, and another 30 or so I have listened to online. Some better than others. The only 360 show where Bono sounded sub par to me was the Rose Bowl show. Of course, they put all their money on releasing that show, when they should've recorded 3 shows with a still camera, and released the best one. Raleigh, NC was th
  7. Well, as an American, I don't speak uh British too well, but Cheers anyway. If you have enough money to pay for this thing, then you don't understand. If you have to scrap for every dollar you have, you want to buy the set, and have to consider the sacrifice necessary. When you see the Sydney DVD in there, that's where the Insult and Anger sets in. I can put this on my credit card, and get a second job if need be. Since the Deluxe Versions are marketed toward the die hard fans, making us buy the Sydney Disc again is a Cash Grab, and only something a Rich, and Greedy Cash Organization would do.
  8. I haven't even complained about the price. I don't have a problem with it, as the SDeluxe version is an ok value. I don't even know what Uber means. Is it Irish for "Stupid Foolish Amount of Money?" I think most of us can do without some stupid props, fly shades, fly crap, etc. I think the lack any great bonus material is the first little issue. Even that, I can live without. The hideous insult to injury is putting the Sydney DVD in there. This was released on VHS, Laser Disc, DVD, CD for Fan Club Members, and now again? Also, knowing that they will put Zooropa out by itself in the future is
  9. In my heart of hearts, I believe U2 can be both a Cash-Hungry and Fan-Friendly Corporation. I love you guys, and hope my points are well-taken out of love, and not anger or sadness....Sleep, Sleep Tonight, and may your dreams be realized.
  10. Not sure how this could ever be done, but after the lackluster Duals, and the inclusion of so much previously released material on Medium Rare/Remastered, how about asking a die-hard fan what should be in these deluxe boxes? I don't mean put a fan in charge, that could be dangerous, but how about consulting a few U2.com subscribers. I am a perfect fan for such a job, and figure there have to be a few thousand fans out there above my level of knowledge and intelligence, in particular! I just would like a few die-hard fans to be asked for input in the matter. My Achtung Deluxe would've had 10 cd
  11. I love U2. A very, very, very, special band. I can't believe they would include the Sydney DVD. They could include a slot for the Sydney DVD, like Genesis did on their live box set for a recent Box set. Phil Collins & Genesis didn't think fans should purchase a DVD twice in a 5 year period. Their "When In Rome" DVD was not included. Apparently Mr McGuinness was serious when he mentioned how much money people would be willing to spend on this thing. I've given thousands to U2 and Universal, and am one of millions personally responsible for giving them the "Great Life" Bono talks about. I'm
  12. Well, since it is at least being broadcast, I think at least 20,000 or so worldwide will be recording it, I would think. So at least you should have a chance to hear it somewhere. I doubt they would record another DVD since they seem to hate Horizon, but it would be nice to have a recording of Zooropa, if they play it again. I would love for Breathe to be brought back, and have the Crazy Remix put out of breath!! I wish they would simply film 10 shows at random, and pick the best one for the DVD. The Rose Bowl show was not half as good as Raleigh, NC or Atlanta...I wish they would just film th
  13. I was just thinking instead of releasing multiple DVDs from each tour...my wish it that they would release one DVD where the camera was still and focused and not jumping all over the place like Cornish Hamilton does. I love the DVDs but tend to get dizzy without a focused camera. Not sure who thinks us old U2 fans want to see this type of camera work. Back to the point..one DVD and one Live album per tour...even if the live album was fan club only. Of course, the big wish is for them to open their valuts and just release tons of live material in box sets from each tour...but that is probably p
  14. Not sure about you, but if Bono says ONE STINKING WORD from another song, it gets put in the setlist as an actual song played, or the poster puts (snippet) with the annoying song title. This is a factor in live releases. It was kinda cool with With Or Without You, but in recent years, it is just a bad trend. I love U2 though...but the song snippet thing would cause more editing on all recorded shows.
  15. Hey, Prince is my all-time favorite, but I envy U2, due to them making so few mistakes with their career. I think leaving out Breathe is a huge mistake, but one I can live with. Prince has no official live DVD from his heyday, but U2 have tons out there. At least it is a bonus track. Of the 3 shows I saw in 2009, Raleigh NC has to be one of the best shows I have been to, and it has to be some kind of crime this wasn't the show they put on DVD, but of course, how do you know which show will be the best? As far as Kingdom being left out, they could easily get that on there as long as Space Oddit
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