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  1. yeah right, somebody had to have high jacked their twitter.
  2. i don't think he will have much push back to remarks supporting second amendment . he saw first hand what the French assault rifle ban looks like.
  3. I think he was trying to point out the obvious. France has strict gun ownership laws but those laws did nothing to prevent the murders. You think it is bad now. could you imagine a world where only the bad guys are armed. Jesse understands that because that is the fundamental level.
  4. is it as bad as paying hundreds of dollars in membership over years only to find out pre sale experience codes are worthless on ticket day? at least you have someone to blame and resent.
  5. i imagine the band is starting to get the message. 25 arena shows and only one sold out.
  6. don't sweat it, Vivid has 241 GA's right now
  7. Who is Taylor Swift? Is he an up and coming musician? From now on, i have decided to scalp mainly because all this anxiety ridden nonsense with presale just isn't worth it. It will make me begin to resent the band and their promoter deal and i don't want that.
  8. FYI. local time, the phrase used in many emails and on website to describe when pre sale starts doesn't mean the time at your local. it means the current time where the show will be held. for instance, if it is 930 am and you live in CST and are waiting to get tickets for New York which is in EST. you are already 30 minutes late.
  9. save yourself some anxiety next time. embrace the scalper from here on out. at least they have the product you want to buy. you paid fan club membership for 25 years and get 2 tickets if you are lucky. some other guy got his Citi Visa for the first time last week and gets to buy 4. that alone sums up the state of the band's promoter. pitiful.
  10. yeah got to watch out for having even a day or two lapse in paying the shake down money or a 20 year subscriber could get relegated back to the status of a guy who joined for the first time last week. that hasn't happened to me but i watch out for expiration date. i wish it was like college football. the more money you have given over time to the athletic association, the more and better tickets you get. that is what i like about and admire about scalpers. they have product and they get you what you want and need. a thousand years of U2.com dues and it always the same. anxiety on pre-sale day.
  11. beware Europe we are now in the con artist era not the musical artist era. never trust a U2 presale. it won't matter if you have been a member for 10 or 20 years without a lapse in dues. come presale day you are 6 letter code gone bad from no tickets.
  12. guess who has been holding for almost 6 hours? This time
  13. We are reaching out on behalf of U2.com. We have been notified you may have had issues with U2 presales and we’d like to help with ticket access! Please contact U2.com Support at (855) 867-5297 (inside the US) or +1(949) 333-4820 (outside the US) TODAY and we will do our best to assist. When you call please mention this email and ask to be transferred to the Help Desk department. Time is of the essence so please call us by 10pm EST today, Friday, November 17, 2017. Sincerely, Ticketmaster Fan Support when U2 help has no intention of answering the phone. not now, not in and hour not today, not tonight. not this week. not ever. it is a complete and total joke.
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