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  1. Sounds complex! It's the way of things I suppose. O2 insisted I bring my passport (can't drive) - did they check it? Nope. Ridiculous. Happy to meet you outside main entrance at 5.30. Haven't had a PM yet tho... but you have to come to the gig, after all this!! :-)
  2. Thank you, really appreciate it :-) Am assuming it's a paper ticket so we don't have to go in together? (if we do, not a problem). Can we sort via email? liz_tray@yahoo.com
  3. I was half way down the catwalk last night. Was very close to the band at least half the time. Still unclear about what the red zone actually is, a pit by the front right by the main stage? It sounds ok, but I can't do £100. It's just too much. As I say, if you can't shift it, I'd be fine with paying GA price for it :-)
  4. Ah, found this: http://zootopia.u2.com/topic/33008-red-zone-visibility/ Gotta say, it sounds pretty awful! Nobody seems to like it, and you're not near the band very often at all. Not sure what the point of it is! If you can't shift it by, say, 5pm, I'd be fine with paying 50 for it (GA is 65, and this seems a worse view!), but I can't do 100 for a poorer view than last night, y'know? Good luck selling it.
  5. What's red zone? Happy to chat about it!
  6. Can you tell how desperate I am? Last night was landmark. I need another. If anyone has a standing spare... And btw, what really pisses me off is that on tout sites there are 100s. Ugh. Go to Get Me In or Seatwave, mountains of seats that will go unsold tonight (no standing on there). How did touts get so... official. It used to be a guy with a baseball cap outside the venue. Now they're huge corporations who are legally allowed to shaft people. Don't get me started!
  7. "Sorry - guess I'd rather be a passenger than a trainspotter. Personally could do without the millions of phones denying people the opportunity to let go and live in the moment, myself." I took a few short videos but there was a guy in front who, I swear, must have watched at least 50% of the entire show through his phone screen. What is the point? Sure! Take a couple pix. Take a video when they are standing RIGHT in front of you! Understandable. But when you're in the middle of the catwalk and they are at either end, what is the point of filming dots in the distance? Why can't we be in the moment? Is anyone else checking AXS obsessively today? ;-)
  8. Took me no time at all to get in - got into the queue at 6.40. In by 7. But then they were on pretty late, 8.30. Of course, magnificent show, have some incredible videos to upload. If I can get another standing, I'd go tonight...
  9. http://www.axs.com/uk/events/256493/u2-tickets I can't afford the 165 I'm afraid. Has to be floor standing for 65...
  10. Any luck? Just tried TM, not a thing. I'd love a standing for tomorrow...
  11. Can't wait for tonight! Wish I had a ticket for tomorrow as well...
  12. This thread is remarkable, I feel for all of you. It would be SO easy for the ticketholder to specify the person who is coming during purchase (like Glasto do when they have 1 person buying several tickets for their mates). Ugh. And here was I complaining about having to take my passport to the show tonight...
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