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  1. Hi Zhivvy! First picture I saw in the new Zoo!
  2. Here's a very funny thread in which the resemblance was discussed a couple of years ago. Starts at post #6... http://community.u2.com/topic/16328?page=1 Be sure to scan through it all for the pictures.
  3. Here's video of it: http://vimeo.com/41819199
  4. http://community.u2.com/r...FOR-40.html#reply-731783
  5. Bare spot on my wall since taking down the U2 360 2011 calendar... these are perfect. Thanks to you all!
  6. Thanks Spicy for all your hard work and for keeping the Zoo fun!
  7. Nice one... you should be the official U2 photographer!
  8. Funny part about his back surgery possibly resulting in drop foot or drop $@!#.
  9. Just watched it on VOD. Really enjoyed it. Larry's outstanding!
  10. This should be good... thanks, Cash!
  11. Looks like you're adding on here which seems like it would be less disruptive than the remodeling you showed before. Well, at least until the window has to be removed. Or you could just keep it there and promise your visitors that you won't peek or if it's your new bathroom... best remove it I guess. The brick you've chosen is very pretty. From all the work you did yourselves before, I bet you'll do most of the inside work. Hope it continues going well.
  12. Sweet doggie. It sounds like you gave her a wonderful life and she gave all she could to yours. I'm sorry she is gone. Take your time and each day will be better.
  13. [quote name='Matkin22 wrote: Nancy_Hanks wrote: monica martino']Pre order Q magazine available on u2.com US shop http://u2.fanfire.com/cgi...U2TWEBWWUSD&sku=U2T53175 available also in GBP not in Euro at the moment I didn't order, but it looks like you can use the 25% off coupon. I tried to use it. Wouldn't let me. I guess I'm not surprised... thanks for letting us know.
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