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  1. Hi Zhivvy! First picture I saw in the new Zoo!
  2. Nice shot taken by my son.
  3. Loving your pictures, Barbara! Doggies and BTB are sweet. And the housekeeper Bono are all hilarious!! The extended pinkie finger caps it off perfectly!
  4. Well, this thread has taken a debaucherous route! Actually that route might have been taken quite a while ago. Without going through the 775 posts here, I believe I remember some lingerie and other playthings winding up with someone's dear Bono the Bag.
  5. Great pictures... looks like he is eating well and having fun sightseeing.
  6. Yea, Barbara! Zhivvy probably has a simpler way of doing it then what I figured out. Now we'll look forward to seeing what BTB is up to in Belgium!
  7. Hey, I caught that mistake where this was BTB doing a puzzle and not knitting a beanie! Too much wine, I know!
  8. Oh, you both look wonderful with those dandy bags! And I see you never go anywhere without your beloved stuffed animals. Zhiv, be sure to give Barbara a lesson on how to post photos here.
  9. Two BTBs We know you bought Walmart out... what more do you have up your sleeve?
  10. [quote name='xtraspicy62 wrote: nikki1120'] breathtaking scenerey in the background...is this where you live? you lucky girl!! and your pictures are really vivid and sharp...nice camera you must be using! My thoughts too... I have to say the mountains caught my eye as much as BTB.
  11. Wow! Egomaniac and fantastic etch a sketch artist!
  12. Oh, this is precious! Involving our whole families in this madness....
  13. OMG...$1! Well, you did the right thing to buy them all (unless we're talking about 100!) Can't wait to see what you engage Bono the Bag in. Hope you are able to post the pictures.
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