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  1. i got through OK this aft from the presaleemail - have just tested the route and it looks fine as follows: when I click the venue link I get to a page that has two lines, standard and red zone/VIP with blue 'Find tickets' on RHS, when you click that you should get to page that has seating map and multiple (and I MEAN multiple - hundreds) ticket choices on RHS - some are Red Hill options, some are Wires, no big red Wires link. You can filter by Type then select e.g. GA Wires, that then gets you to another listing where you click to Unlock the presale which takes you to page where you have to en
  2. Lookin fwd to the presales email, keen to know if my untouched presales code from 09 show (which is still showing on my account, together with my 2010 one) can also be used for the down under leg?
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