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  1. As an @FullerSeminary grad I couldn't find myself prouder and more inspired by an institution represented by those that find the intersections and inspirations of art and theology like Makoto Fujimura (@iamfujimura) and David Taylor (@wdavidotaylor). I believe U2 have always used their music as a means to extend their primary message and mission: That God is a loving God and earnestly seeks us all to fulfill the great commandment - love God with all your heart, love ALL others as you yourself would want to be loved in this life. This band has always brilliantly used allegory to gently bring us to an awareness of this truth. There's a reason they often reflect on Psalm 116 

    I’ll complete what I promised God I’d do,
    and I’ll do it together with his people.”

    Blessings to you friends and community; Evan

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