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  1. Thank You Bigwave, Im sure im not the only one stressed about this....and im pretty sure that this is likely being discussed internally. So many of us U2 fans have dont Trades and bought tickets for other for decades...at least this U2 fan has. Please let us know when a Solution is found and thanks for your response (although I didn't like the answer:) Darren
  2. I would love to be able to take my wife to her first U2 show Friday night. Just throwing it out to the Universe! Thank You, Darren
  3. I would love to take my wife to her first show on July31st. I don't have any tickets to trade. Just the hope that something Good will happen. Thank you for the Post Periferal. Darren Glick
  4. Trying to find 2 tix for Friday night July 31st. GA or any 2. Bringing my wife for the first time! Would love to get her GAs! Thank you, Darren
  5. Arthur, I would be interested if its still available? Please let me know. (mod edit - no email or phone numbers please the PM feature) Thank You very much, Darren
  6. My cousin is flying in for this, and I still don't have any tickets for the show. I was hoping to take her GA style...but that seems almost impossible now...but I do believe in Miracles. Thanks, Darren [No emails, please use PMs]
  7. Thank you for the opportunity...sent you a PM. D
  8. I am still praying for a single ticket for Saturday's show....I BELIEVE! Thx, [MOD EDIT: NO emails. Please use PMs. Thanks]
  9. Hi Danny, sent you a PM, im also interested in 1. Thanks, Darren
  10. Hi All, I would like to trade my 2 tickets for 2 tickets on July 18, 23, 30, 31 My Tickets are as follows. July 19th. Madison Club Row 1. Seats 5,6 July 26th Section 204 Row BS3 July 27th Madison Club Row 1, Seats 5,6 [MOD EDIT: NO EMAIL, please. Use PMs. Thanks] Thank You, Darren
  11. Hi Nuzzer, I will list the tix I got and let me know if any interest you. July 19th 2 Tix. The Madison Club Row 1, Seats 5,6 July 22nd. 2 Tix. Section 218 Row 1. Seat 5,6 July 26th 2 Tix. Section 204 Row BS3 July 27th. 2 Tix. The Madison Club. Row 1. Seats 5,6 If you have any interest in trading for any of those, please let me know. [Please, No email/phones. Use PMs. Thanks] Thank You, Darren
  12. Let me know. [MOD EDIT: NO EMAILS/PHONE NUMBERS. Please use PMs. Thanks] Thanks, Darren
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