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  1. mcconville


    Wearing my official ATYCLB mask leading Church Service today. Very appropriate 🙂
  2. Lucky to get your album pre-order code. Me and my friends all pre-ordred and received the album BUT have received NO codes. Feel cheated :-(
  3. Easy purchase today on Ticketmaster Red tickets purchased within 3 minutes for London O2. So excited :-)

  4. Disappointing news, I hope it is not true. While I know that U2 owe us nothing and I am saddened by the tone and language of some of the comments by fans, I think U2 need to make a definite official statement to clear the air. For at least 3 years now we have been promised one, two, three and even four albums and now all seems to be coming to nothing. So at this point, please U2, for your loyal fans give us a definitive statement and not leaks, unsourced comments and hype from Bono. Treat us with respect, the kind of respect we hold you our favourite band in. :-)
  5. I agree, a GREAT song which deserves to be officially aired.
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