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  1. I'm assuming thIs is hopeful speculation or is there any substance to this?
  2. SECC Glasgow 29th July SECC Glasgow 30th July Murrayfield Stadium 1st August Oh what I would give to do that all again - good times indeed.
  3. been being thinking that 'tree' is a B-stage but what IF it is a walk way and middle is hollow for audience members?!... You know what, think you may be bang on there Mark. Good shout.
  4. Pulled this direct from Ticketmaster NL site - confirmation that stage is located north side of arena. No section numbers on the TM layout which doesn't exactly help but compare it against other seating plans and it's clear enough. All a bit late in the day really.
  5. All a bit late in the day but just pulled this off the Ticketmaster NL site. No section numbers stated but if you compare the layout with other seating plans confirmation that the stage is in the North of the arena.
  6. Asking loyal fans to pay top whack ticket prices effectively with a blind fold on is poor form, whether the fault lies with Live Nation, Ticketmaster NL or U2 management. This tour must have been months in the planning but yet again certain aspects of the ticket sale gives the impression it's all been a last minute rush. For what it's worth having joined the lucky dip this morning I spoke to the Amsterdam Arena who whilst extremely pleasant, also had no indication of staging plans. Previous concerts with regular end-end layouts seems to have the stage at the north of the arena (block113-115) so in theory this may well be the case with U2.
  7. Hi Paul, looks like a good crowd for the FMac gig. We fortunately managed to get tickets for night 1 but in block H, almost directly opposite the arena to your FMac seats but in row 41 and bit closer to the corner. These were E191 each so I'm guessing the E33.50 tickets must be the restricted view seats in sections D & L. Anyway, for those of us lucky enough to get tickets we should be so grateful to just be in the building. We were in Turin last weekend (night 2) and I can honestly say being a follower from the propaganda days I've never been to such an emotionally charged U2 gig in my life. Yes as fans we have to put up with a lot of grief along the well trodden U2 road whether it be the years of waiting between albums and tours, ticket sales, Bono's occasional antics or the routine U2 bashing from the media etc. However when all is said and done, for me, it's the music that counts and the shows they give us. We came across to Croker for 360 which was good but I suspect this will be off the scale. Glasgow 2 to look forward to first though - similar venue so we'll see how it works there.
  8. Very sad news indeed. Robbie Williams actually mentioned it last night in Glasgow as Mark had also been the architect on his solo stage productions. Actually met him in Gatwick en-route to the Turin 360 gig in Aug 2010 and he seemed a thoroughly decent guy who will be a huge loss to both the music business and the wider entertainment industry.
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