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  1. No issues getting tickets in Wires pre-sale. As of now, 9:30 PM thursday, there are still seats coming up +GA.
  2. Wires Pre-sale worked well for me. 4 tix in sec 130 for Toronto. Bringing the kids so need seats. Much better than Tragically Hip fiasco!
  3. Hi, I think I saw your post on Interference as well...... 1) Check with your hotel first, it may not be worth the hassle of wandering around the city with an 11 year old for a few bucks. Remember that you'll get about a 20% or so discount on everything you buy in the great white north! There is a Green P lot under University Ave that is right between the Rogers Centre and ACC. I believe that someone else may have suggested Green P at City Hall but that is definitely a bit of a walk. Entrance is on the West side of York Street just north of Front St, beside the Strathcona Hotel at 60 York St. Not sure of the rates but your best bet. Good luck with your daughter, I hope that she has a great time. I for one would be a little nervous with my daughter of similar age in GA. Given the screens used for the show it may also be a good idea to pull back a bit in GA to be able to see the screens and also not be as crowded....good luck! Oh and leave a ton of extra time to come into the city. The normal traffic issues will be a lot worse with the Pan Am games on. The QEW from Burlington all the way to downtown has a new HOV lane in place for the Games. You need a games permit or 3+ passengers to use it and so far it has caused a lot of chaos.
  4. brew99

    Toronto Presale

    Red Zone night 1 x 2!!!!!!! Pretty quick and easy TM experience. I was worried given the challenges reported for the Experience group. Hopefully everyone is being successful!
  5. that is really unfortunate - how did you find out?
  6. Red zone will be fixed price, no auction like last time unfortunately.
  7. Montreal Red zone listed as $390 on Evenko who is the ticket seller instead of ticketmaster. That is in Cdn funds so if straight exchange you are looking at $340 or so US.
  8. earlier posts have confirmed 280 Euro's for Paris show.
  9. If you paid yesterday, you will be in the Innocence group and pre-sales start on Friday for that group. Longer term subs get pre-sale today.
  10. No swag last time around. Did Red zone twice for 360 tour. Great experience.
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