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  1. You seem to be assuming that the JT album will be played at the front end of the show - that doesn't need to be the case. They could easily play for 30 minutes, introduce then play the JT, then play for another 30 - 45 minutes. And starting with a heavy song like MOTD - in a stadium - would be odd indeed. yes you are right but opening with motd would make more sense then opening with where the streets have no name. causal fans expect a song like this to come later in a show. stadium shows need to cater to casual fans. its their bread and butter "Where the Streets Have No Name"
  2. yes sir they will def play more than JT., album is only 50 min in length. regardless when they bust out the album they cannot start with the hits on the album, need to alter the song list for the album. backwards only makes sense.
  3. cant play where the Streets, still haven't found, with or without you, bullet the blue sky early in a concert set. playing backwards makes the most sense.
  4. cdk034

    need mod help!

    thanks for replying...they are not helping at all. They claim its not on Ticketmaster its on U2/promoter to grant refund. anyone want to buy some tix in sec 229 for july 2nd for face? aisle seats.
  5. cdk034

    need mod help!

    my tickets for Jul 2nd are now behind the stage (sec 229). clearly bait n switch(assumed red zone is in front of stage as its always is), all I am asking for is refund as I already purchased tickets in sec 203 after I found out this news. Ticketmaster is not being helpful, any link or can I contact the promoter directly. I bought top tier tickets so you guys made money off me, just want to cover some of my unexpected expenses. can anyone help?
  6. on phone with TM now trying to cancel/upgrade my Thur tickets. right now saying cannot do anything about this.
  7. obstructed in any way? able to view screens? please and thanks.
  8. the reason for the confusion was most assumed red zone was in front of stage. and also at the united center the stage is usually in the same end of the arena.
  9. this is bull...wtf im not behind the stage in Chicago? I was fine with being further and direct view(missing out on screens). bot now I am behind the stage and no screen views??
  10. are refunds being offered for this in Chicago? I bought secs 229 and 231 at initial on sale thinking I was furthest from stage with a direct sight line according to that tm map. now I am side stage and behind the stage according to new map? wtf U2.
  11. just curious on GA floor situation...plenty of room? packed to the gills? going with gf to Chicago and have GA vs 200 level options, she is short and a bit claustrophobic. I have been to past tours where floor was surprisingly open and can freely move. is this tour the same way so far?
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