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  1. PARIS 1 Selling: 2 x CAT 2 tickets for Paris 1 - 10th Nov - for sale, EU113.50ea (EU106 + EU7.50 Fees), so a total of EU227 Porte M Rang 04 (tickets are together) Tickets are hard copy tickets and you would collect from me in person on the day in Paris at the venue after 5:30pm. I'm staying close by so it should be convenient. PM please!
  2. I have a GA for Paris 1, but I will only swap for a GA for night 2 - if you happen to find extras, I'd be willing to swap!
  3. I have 1 Fosse for Paris 1 (10th Nov) but will only swap for a Paris 2 Fosse ticket
  4. Travelling over from Australia, so would like to swap ticket in person. I have a hard copy GA ticket for the 10th Nov, would like to swap for a GA ticket for Paris 2, 11th Nov. PM! Cheers
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