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  1. PARIS 1 Selling: 2 x CAT 2 tickets for Paris 1 - 10th Nov - for sale, EU113.50ea (EU106 + EU7.50 Fees), so a total of EU227 Porte M Rang 04 (tickets are together) Tickets are hard copy tickets and you would collect from me in person on the day in Paris at the venue after 5:30pm. I'm staying close by so it should be convenient. PM please!
  2. I have a GA for Paris 1, but I will only swap for a GA for night 2 - if you happen to find extras, I'd be willing to swap!
  3. I have 1 Fosse for Paris 1 (10th Nov) but will only swap for a Paris 2 Fosse ticket
  4. Travelling over from Australia, so would like to swap ticket in person. I have a hard copy GA ticket for the 10th Nov, would like to swap for a GA ticket for Paris 2, 11th Nov. PM! Cheers
  5. Why? Is the fact that people are selling this steaming pile on Ebay going to mean that subscribed members miss out? No. Because you sign up, you get your CD. One day. If something is a limited edition where a position of privilege is being exploited, fine. But everyone had the opportunity to guarantee a copy of U2:FOOLS, er, DUALS.
  6. Because it's perfectly fine to sell something that you have bought for a price someone is willing to pay, provided the T&Cs aren't violated. Why the outrage at people selling U2:Duals on eBay? They bought it, they're expecting it's delivery, they're pre-selling it. It's futures trading. How's it different to amazon taking advance orders? if someone is stupid enough to buy it, I'll take their cash too.
  7. U2.com have again shown that they have missed the point. Whether or not we are 'old' fans or 'new' fans, all fans had access to the tracks on Duals via iTunes. Was that true of Melon? Did U2.com check out the complete mess that was the Australia pre-sales? The stuff mentioned is important. But how about even the day to day meat and potatoes - the terrible visual layout of the site and its forums? It looks like it was designed by Helen Keller on a bad day. At $50 a pop it's time to start delivering. None of us will be fooled by a 4 paragraph lip service. Or shouldn't be. It's ACTION that's needed here. HOW are they going to address it? HOW are they 'taking the criticism on board' HOW will they start giving fans value for their coin?
  8. Not necessarily, they might actually be right in the middle of the bay and be best accessed from one aisle on one side and another aisle on the other. if booking 4 seats together they shouldn't span sections... But hey, stranger things have happened
  9. [quote name='bigwave wrote: Panth']ey Bigwave I love what you've done with the place, its got htat whole half down, broken feeling to it. Are we updating the site? lol - if only one had such mystical powers to be able to decide on what things look like here. Unfortunately we only get to suggest and comment and highlight issues here, which is an ongoing work in progress. Forums seem to be 'best viewed in Firefox', but still in need of some tweaks from the technical humans is my opinion. Good point. But one that could all be saved by the boffins using a decent message board software. With decent search capabilities. With coherent quicklinks. This was built by work experience kids from the school for the blind unfortunately. "um, no offence"
  10. Yeah got absolutely fried at Brisbane in 06, until some nice people next to me took pity on my lobster skin and gave me their hat. "you need it more than we do". I still have it.
  11. Yeah mate, got them all. Only mentioned the Melbourne one as it was the only city where the 3rd show was booked just in case. Off to all the aussie shows. No NZ for me this time around :-( Was fun in 2006 though.
  12. [quote name='Reid NZ wrote: bluehammer']Proof that tickets are too expensive outside the GAs and $40 seats (which are both brilliantly priced). $300 for a stadium seat is too much. Far too much, particularly in Melbourne and Perth when the playing surface size dictates the seats are further from the action than from the northern states. In Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane all 2nd shows have plenty of top 3 category seats available still. Sadly Melbourne can kiss that 3rd show goodbye, and I wouldn't be surprised if there is a 'recategorisation' of tickets in the weeks leading up to the concert, ie $299 seats suddenly become $229... and so on... Especially when you take away some of your higherpriced customers with the idea of $349 for front row GA type experience, I'm sure some of these people would have just for GAs normally but they had the money to spend on Redzone... The inclusion of the back part of the stadium also means that there are far more seats available at big venues, therefore less demand for second show. Not sure what will happen about the OZ shows, still plenty of time to go really. There's time, sure, but I doubt many people go and spend $600 on a couple of tickets just on a whim... The Oz shows will sell well, but would say there is zero chance of that 3rd Melbourne show they scheduled. They should go and do a show in Christchurch instead
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