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  1. hey....everyone!!!!! I was at the DC show on Monday..... GA....around the E stage.....loved many aspects of the show, it felt like a intimate, coffee house, open mic poetry hour for those few songs centered around that little, circular stage. I've always seen U2 main stage/GA, front row. This was a very different experience for me on so many levels. I am only 5 ft. in height, so it limits my perspective vs. people whom are taller and can digest the visual experience. Standing at the E stage I believe I had the best aspects of the show, but I can't be completely certain because
  2. Happy Birthday  to Bono

    1. unforgettableu2


      All life is precious....and has a impact both large and small...

      But, God had specific plans for Bono....and he's delivered much joy in many people's lives.

      Right sommer 17????

      How has Bono/u2's music personally impacted you, ......?

    2. sommer17
    3. unforgettableu2


      So, tell me sommer.....how has U2 specifically and personally effected you?

  3. weird indeed....art is weird.....comes from a subconscious place.....dreams are like being drunk....altered reality.....lowered inhibitions.... Interesting about the "drunk'' aspect again, referring to the Alice cooper story.....but, "trying to throw your arms around the world" was about u2's first, new experiences with the excesses of partying/drinking....in their late twenties...not when young/teens. "Dali'' reference must have some connection? Surreal/altered reality of drinking and the rockstar life? How creativity is affected? Good or bad????? Not sure???
  4. Fun how this works...right? Human interaction is one giant web....tethered.... Hmm....yes, Bono has a thing for Dali.....but, I don't know the origin of this fascination or 'why'.
  5. yes... cool to be YOU...silly. Having the experience.....and what it taught you.....and shaped you creatively. You were destined to have that because God knew you would value it beyond the egocentric.. it's comparable to meeting the band and appreciating the moment....instead of seeking a autograph/picture. Which is more sincere? Which is more centered around the work of a artist, or the overall experience rather than then being associated to such a masterful teacher. Your professor had the humility to teach you this....and you comprehended the value of his teachings. I love the must
  6. Omnivox....I took my kids to the Joshua tree concert last year. They made their own shirts/hat.....actually, my older daughter wore my t-shirt i made when I was 13 years old(u2 boy)...back in 83'....it was surreal seeing her wear my shirt. They roughed the GA line....and I mean it was rough....but, my youngest daughter had rail/front row.....and got Edge's pick, too. I felt bad for them....but, they loved it....a memory they will always treasure. I couldn't get GA's for the entire family this time due to the weird pre-sale. it's just my husband and I....this time around. I'
  7. "I dreamed I saw Dali...with a supermarket trolley.....trying to throw his arms around a girl. He took a open top beetle Through the eye of a needle He was trying to throw his arms around the world." Cool story Mano....not one everyone could say they have experienced in their life time. How cool is that? How cool to be YOU....and have such a dynamic, creative mentor. I think it's ironic that I used "Dali" as illustrative point...to describe the random creative process. I think Dali had a unabridged mind....no filters.....and created from a child-like place. So, what is
  8. I hope so too, Omnivox.....the band has got to read this for "feedback".....I want to believe.....but, hey....it's their artistic expression....maybe 'crumbs' doesn't fit into their story/theme they would like to t convey on the tour.
  9. Bingo.....I get it....more than you know....Mano.... Here is to one artistically challenged night owl....to another!!! But, when you get it right....it's usually effortless....whether it's 2am or 8 am.... The wonder of creativity....if only we could understand the corresponding pieces that make it fit perfectly that one day...and then not another. I'm sure u2 has also asked the same questions...how can we harness that same genius/inspiration again? What made the difference? will we ever achieve that 'cohesive' , artistic perfection again?
  10. One of mine, too...If I had to pick from a plethora of songs/choices...... Think about the breadth of that achievement on the behalf of U2. Most musicians pray to have 1/10th of their talent/library of songs.....I can honestly say, I don't think u2 have ever made a 'bad' song. Their worst...is at most, some artists' best. BTW... I also love "please"....both lyrically/musically. Another very underrated gem.....I'd love if they would play that beauty as well.
  11. Night time....is when the brain is full of creativity....at least for me. One thing I know,....it's mostly psychological.....the stillness....or quiet dark....allows thoughts to gather....while in the day, too many distractions. besides....creativity can't be forced into a certain time lot....it has to develop organically...or not at all. Alcohol (the right amount)....loosens the heavy armor we all wear...everyday...that clogs the mind. Children just create to create....without any contrived thought/influence..... I guess..most artists need to remember that freedom....and special time....
  12. Great book. They have many. it's a funny thing....but, many times I understand their ideas behind their lyrics, intuitively....and then, in one of heir books....its confirmed somehow. I always knew 'crumbs' had a different energy....behind it's powerful lyrics/sound. The story confirmed my intuitions. I think U2 is so different compared to most rockstars....in which they mostly create without the cliche' ways of being under the influence of some sort of substance. David Bowie finally realized he didn't need drugs/alcohol to be creative or to write songs. His genius was apart of him....no
  13. Thanks, Mano.... love that movie as well....I like so many U2 songs...each with their own personality/individual identity....how do you chose? it must be difficult for the band, as well. What is personal/meaningful to them might not be translated to fans...or what is highly valued by fans,....may not be a priority for them. Art is a funny thing....many times artists hate what is most received or popular by their fans. Sometimes, fans see beauty in the things the artist creates...that they don't see/value in themselves. Its a symbiotic relationship....fans and their creator.....both make the a
  14. Really not that long when you read all the powerful fortified insight inside those lyrical lines. It really can be interpreted in so many ways...metaphorical, literally., politically.....or personally. I love the imagery......the personification.....Bono writes with such dark beauty....cuts deep to the jugular.....the artery of human nature/behavior.
  15. Yep.....it was really only Edge/Bono that was drunk as follows: "Bono and the Edge wrote this after a night of drinking. Bono recalls in the book U2 by U2: "We were out, it was very late, the sun was coming up. I'm not a late-night person, but Edge is like an owl. He would just sit there and days could go by and he wouldn't need sleep. So he didn't want to go to bed and we ended up getting the guitar and singing, off our faces, one of those moments where two mates are not talking sense but they're doing it at the same time and then, eventually, it sort of coagulates into a thought and out
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