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  1. This whole thing has been handled like a bad joke. I get they were trying to stop the scalpers but to be honest, just let it be and sell the tickets the old way. I got two codes, one fore Philly and one for DC. The DC code didn't work. The Philly code worked but only via the app, not their web site. Nothing good came up so I skipped it. Just sad. The band probably has no idea their sales went this way but it's no excuse. Oh well. Here I come scalpers! LOL
  2. Do they even know what the hell they're doing? I was supposed to get a code this morning at 5AM and I still haven't gotten it. Oh and the sale starts in 15 minutes. Pricks.
  3. Still on the phone with these people even though I know it's going to be a waste of time. I never got a passcode text or anything. Totally ridiculous. $40 and I get some video content and maybe a book or something in 6 months. Totally sick of this bulllshit.
  4. Never missed out on their presales before. I still haven't received a passcode and it goes on sale in 25 minutes. I've been calling all morning and finally got through but am on hold. The forum is useless and tech support can't help. So email them and they'll get back to you a day after the presale. What an EFFING JOKE!!!!!
  5. So irritated right now. I'm a verified member with a complete set up and I still don't have a passcode for the innocence group. I've been emailing and calling. This is total bullshit.
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