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  1. This whole thing has been handled like a bad joke. I get they were trying to stop the scalpers but to be honest, just let it be and sell the tickets the old way. I got two codes, one fore Philly and one for DC. The DC code didn't work. The Philly code worked but only via the app, not their web site. Nothing good came up so I skipped it. Just sad. The band probably has no idea their sales went this way but it's no excuse. Oh well. Here I come scalpers! LOL
  2. Do they even know what the hell they're doing? I was supposed to get a code this morning at 5AM and I still haven't gotten it. Oh and the sale starts in 15 minutes. Pricks.
  3. Still on the phone with these people even though I know it's going to be a waste of time. I never got a passcode text or anything. Totally ridiculous. $40 and I get some video content and maybe a book or something in 6 months. Totally sick of this bulllshit.
  4. Never missed out on their presales before. I still haven't received a passcode and it goes on sale in 25 minutes. I've been calling all morning and finally got through but am on hold. The forum is useless and tech support can't help. So email them and they'll get back to you a day after the presale. What an EFFING JOKE!!!!!
  5. So irritated right now. I'm a verified member with a complete set up and I still don't have a passcode for the innocence group. I've been emailing and calling. This is total bullshit.
  6. I'm a stresser but it's always worked out. Like I said before, no matter where I've gotten in line, I've always been able to get up against the railing. That's all that matters to me. I can't stand for all that time without being able to lean on something. LOL. Should be a good time. I'm especially excited this time because my 16 year old son is going with me. He's just recently started playing and getting into all the good bands.
  7. Would love to have seen them in Dublin but no way can I afford that travel.
  8. There were serious problems going on over at Ticketmaster the days of the presales. Complaints were everywhere. I manged to get 4 GA for Philly but not until like 2 hours after the sale time. I got 2 GA tickets easily for DC today. It's frustrating and I never know what to expect. I've gone the fan club route a couple of times now and it's always paid off.
  9. Not uncommon for a lot of fans but some of these venues seem scattered around. I got lucky being in Maryland. Philly and DC are fairly close to one another and only 2 days a part. GA for both! WOOHOO! Brian
  10. Well considering this is the U2 forum and not the "shivering in the cold refugee" forum, let's just say I don't give a piss?
  11. I applaud the attempt and limiting scalpers, especially for the highly sought after GA tickets but I think this is going to be a disaster. While it may eliminate some problems, I envision tons of people butting in line with the people they bought tickets for. I don't mind a single ticket holder holding the line for their partner, but when 3 and 4 people show up an hour before the show, that pisses me off. What are they going to do about a numbering system then? Maybe it doesn't matter. I've been number 65 before and the guy that was number 200 got a spot along the stage right next to me.
  12. Without physical tickets how will that even work?
  13. Only reason I ask is because I got 4 GA for Philly and need a 5th. Looks like there is no way to sell or transfer tickets, even through Ticketmaster. How are the scalpers getting around this? I feel pretty good that l'll be able to snag an extra ticket on Tuesday but if not....
  14. Glad to see people are still able to get tickets. I can't believe it's 2017 and we're still stuck with Ticketmaster. I'm 47 and these problems have only gotten worse!
  15. Seriously, I was able to get 4 GA tickets for Philly when they weren't available for the first 3 hours. They are STILL available but only on the app for some reason. GA for DC just popped up too. Not sure what happened but Ticketmaster really screwed up royally this time. Have patience and keep trying. USE THE APP! Brian
  16. Was finally able to get a pair of GA tickets for Philly. That's fine. The headache sucks. Will be cool because my 16 year old son actually wants to see them with me. Looking forward to this one.
  17. Who knows. By the looks of things, there are a ton of pissed off people. Probably not.
  18. Yeah, this was effed from the start. They can suck it. I'm going to get my $50 back and I'm done with this shit. First they won't release the next record because of the Trump win and now this? Sure, it's not directly their fault. Get better organizers! Dicks.
  19. They can go fuck themselves. This is bullshit. Rip off!
  20. Common man, I thought you were better than this. So tired of the Trump bitching. Democracy played out, let it run its course like its supposed to. First time the band has ever disaapointed me. Thought they were more grown up than this.
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