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  1. AT 12.:11 I decided to try again for the LA show and 3 different sets of GA tickets came up. Every time I clicked to buy them, I got a message that says "another fan beat me to them." Now they are all gone again and I am still without
  2. WOW!! consider yourself very fortunate. Congratulations
  3. Well, just as suspected. I got no seats during the Los Angeles presale. I'm a fast typer and still was only offered nosebleed seats for $330 each, or $111 seats behind the stage or obstructed view seats. I'm a diehard GA or RedZone concert goer for all U2 shows. This is the same reason why I missed the JT 2017 tour. I"m so sad now. Still hitting "search again," but eventually I'll do it so much that TM will think I'm a robot and lock my account like they did once before.
  4. just got my iNNOCENCE presale code by text at 8:03 am pacific time, never got any email communication though. Phew...now that that stress is over, time to stress about actually getting GA when they go on sale in an hour and 40 mins.
  5. I'm in innocence because I forgot to renew my membership of over 10 years on time and it lapsed by 4 days last year, still cranky about that. But anyway, I do not have an email yet.
  6. I kept thinking the same thing until I realized that I was not selecting my country code in the little box next to my phone number. I had already linked my ticketmaster account. Once I selected my country and hit submit then I got the green box that says Setup complete
  7. wooohoooo got my Red Zone tickets for Los Angeles May 30. This presale was so smooth this time. So happy and excited!!! Now I can get on with my day . eXPERIENCE baby!
  8. Woke up at 6:30 am in Los Angeles checked my account. Voila code was there! Yaaaaay! No email though. Phew, that was a nail biter.
  9. Please get well soon Bono. I will be praying for your speedy and painless recovery. Will be waiting here in Los Angeles for you no matter how late you need to postpone the Anaheim date.
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