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  1. SERVICE FEES: I am absolutely DISGUSTED by the service fees. $19.30 on $81 tickets..that's almost 24%. This BS needs to stop. What does that service fee go towards? So tired of ticketmaster. Grateful my ticket purchase was seamless but sick about these fees.
  2. Anyone could have joined Propaganda like I did? Why shouldn't long-time loyal subscribers have first access? So why would anyone have the door slammed in their face when they had the same opportunity? It does seem unfair that people can just join within a couple of months and get the same access as someone who has belonged and not lapsed for over 20 years...I am sick to death of scalpers and StubHub and their ilk. Personally I find it disgusting that something like StubHub is now legitimized.
  3. I’m guessing the same...the whole verified fan thing...but I don’t know for sure
  4. On the email this morning: If you have both Field GA and Reserved Seats on the same credit card, please go directly to a Box Office Resolution window (available at the Gate B, D, F, H, and Gate L) with your credit card and picture ID.
  5. Yep. I have to eat my tickets too I guess?My mother passed away and I have to take care of things and won't make it back in time to see the show :(. Can't even give them to a friend
  6. OMG how do they get away with this BS..that is OBSCENE!
  7. and...no one will do anything about the ticket brokers/scalpers! And the more people buy from them, the more they stay in business
  8. To answer your original question..why do the bands use Ticketmaster...because they're virtually a MONOPOLY. Remember when Pearl Jam tried to get around using them. How that POS service is still in existence is boggling. No one can seem to get around them. Hopefully some new tech expert will come up with a new system and put them out of business..however they are now with LiveNation who owns/runs venues and concerts...
  9. Loved the show! was on the catwalk, close to the Small stage. Was best spot I've ever been in. I am so glad they ended with 40 and skipped One and I still haven't found what I'm looking for. Was very happy with the setlist. Great tribute to Dennis Sheehan too.
  10. about 8:20pm. Heard they went on about 8:40pm on Tuesday. I believe the set time is actually 8pm but aiming for 8:15pm
  11. So for San Jose night 1 we arrived around 7pm and still had an amazing view. The way the stages are set up, it's really hard to have a bad place to stand. FWIW, we stood near the entrance to the Red Zone and could see the main stage pretty well, the walkway and screens great and the smaller stage pretty good as well. Hope that helps! thank you! Yes, that's what I wanted to hear!
  12. I really don't want to be there super early. Anyone have experiences showing up later for floor? I don't care if I'm not right next to the rail but don't want to be way in back either. Should I get my wristband early and leave and come back after 5pm?
  13. I don't even bother with these contests anymore. I'm looking forward to the real show though!
  14. Yeah will be cool. Too bad you can only win them.
  15. Well, all of them sold to someone for face value, unless you're suggesting Ticketmaster, etc., just put the tickets up on the secondary market themselves? Pearl Jam have a very good system in place, but it takes a lot of effort. They don't let you know what tickets you have until you pick them up from their fan club booth day-of. And for the GA pit on this last tour, that was determined by lottery, and the pit was ONLY sold to fan club members, no one in the general public had access. So, you said your first preference was Pit, second preference floor behind the pit, third preference was lower level, etc., and then they confirm you have tickets, but you don't know what you have until the day, but they also go by seniority, so the longer you have been in the fan club, the better the seats. They also release official "bootlegs" of every show through their website for like $10-15. If you're looking for a model, that seems to be the one. Of course, you'll never find a system that doesn't make someone unhappy. Good for them! They tried an alternative to TM too and it didn't work.
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