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  1. SERVICE FEES: I am absolutely DISGUSTED by the service fees. $19.30 on $81 tickets..that's almost 24%. This BS needs to stop. What does that service fee go towards? So tired of ticketmaster. Grateful my ticket purchase was seamless but sick about these fees.
  2. Anyone could have joined Propaganda like I did? Why shouldn't long-time loyal subscribers have first access? So why would anyone have the door slammed in their face when they had the same opportunity? It does seem unfair that people can just join within a couple of months and get the same access as someone who has belonged and not lapsed for over 20 years...I am sick to death of scalpers and StubHub and their ilk. Personally I find it disgusting that something like StubHub is now legitimized.
  3. I’m guessing the same...the whole verified fan thing...but I don’t know for sure
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